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Steve Rumsby

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Some photos from SuccessConnect London 2017

Slightly frustrated that my Shine 2 battery level has been "high" for the first three months of its life and has now gone from high->med->low in the last 3 weeks. I wonder how long it has left to go?

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Have your say on the UK Inside Track this year. Location? Content? Duration? All up for grabs...

Did everyone else get an email recently about the new improved sports clip for the Shine 2, with an offer to send it out free? I'm not convinced that a new clip will completely fix the "lost Shine" problem. It seems like the whole band needs a redesign.

Also, the form you fill in was US only - no country field! Thanks Misfit. I filled it in with "United Kingdom" as my state - let's see if that works! Worth a try, anyway...

About a week ago I started having issues where a sync seemed to just hang. In the app the "Syncing..." message never went away, or took hours to do so. The data was actually transferred from the Shine 2 to the app, and to the web account, though. Deleting and re-installing the app would make it work for a while, before it would go back to getting stuck.

Then a few days ago it magically started working properly again, and has been fine since. Misfit support haven't made any suggestions. It feels like a server issue to me.

Anyone else noticed this?

After losing my first Shine 2 while out on a dog walk, I'm curious to hear suggestions for techniques to stop the replacement falling out of the sport band. Any ideas?

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One for +Mike Ashelby, if he hasn't spotted it already...
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SAP Inside Track Singapore - October 23rd 2015

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SAP Inside Track Bangalore - August 22nd 2015
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