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Bookmark like a pro! Bookmark all your cheat sheets and get instant access!

Read more on how to search your bookmarks

#ChooseIndependent #fx10 #Firefox #Mozilla

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ConnectA2, la messagerie instantanée
Une application particulièrement intéressante pour contacter des correspondants à l’étranger !

#FirefoxOS #messagerie #mobile

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Browser market share, all platforms combined:

IE 48.65%
Chrome 16.85%
Safari 12.86 %
Firefox 10.86%
Opera 2.17%

Browser market share, desktop:

IE 58.94%
Chrome 20.57%
Firefox 13.26%
Safari 5.9 %
Opera 0.88%

Browser market share, mobile:

Safari 45.4 %
Chrome 21.45%
Android B 19.18%
Opera Mini 8.17%
IE 2.12%
Firefox < 1%

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Here comes some more nuanced web browser numbers, recommended by +Peter Beverloo to show the difference in sources & methods:
Chrome 51.3%
IE 21.3%
Firefox 18.8%
Safari 5.1%
Opera 1.4%
Chrome 40.8%
IE 17.9%
Firefox 16%
Safari 15.2%
Opera 3.3%
Browser market share, desktop - Wikimedia:
Chrome 46.4%
IE 19.9%
Firefox 16.6%
Safari 4.8%
Opera 1.7%
Chrome 21.3%
IE 58.5%
Firefox 13.9%
Safari 5.1%
Opera 0.8%

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Firefox Developer Edition
Une présentation très complète, avec des vidéos (en anglais)

#Firefox #webdev
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