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Peter van Gameren
Peter weet Marketing / Peter knows Marketing
Peter weet Marketing / Peter knows Marketing

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For all those (internet) entrepreneurs that want a very succesful 2015 handed to them.

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No Cost Browser Add On for SEO insights. Everybody knows that ranking high in the search engines is a great help in finding new customers and more money. This browser add on will not only help you gain insight into ranking factors of your own site. You can also unleash its power on gaining insight into the website of your competitors. Just sayin'.....

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Great resource on Stock Images

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Great tip for people who have third parties do their SEO and have them use the disavow tool. 
If you are using somebody else to handle the Disavow function in Google Webmaster Tools it is not sufficiant to make them a user with full permission, you need to make them an owner. If you are happy to do that, here is how you do it.

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Get yourself some luxury on New Years Eve...

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10 easy tips on improving your LinkedIn performance. 
A lot of people miss out on the benefits of LinkedIn b/c it's just so darn finicky to set up and use to it's maximum potential. Unfortunately, most professionals set up their basic profile and then leave it alone.

These are some tips I've used to help make better quality connections and network with other influencers in my niche. 

What has worked for you re LinkedIn this year? 

Thanks +Gabriel Reynoso  for the opportunity to write this guest post for your blog, you're a great editor!

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Interested in getting your email marketing started or cutting costs. Here is a great coupon from GetResponse... Enjoy!

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