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TS Earl
Full time writer and author of "Remote Control"
Full time writer and author of "Remote Control"


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Happy New Year everyone!!
We have no way of knowing what 2015 has in store for us, but I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that 2015 is a friendlier, less stressful and generally more prosperous year than 2014. Here's to all of us. Let's make 2015 a year to remember! (In a good way!!)

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Remote Control for just 99c
Book pricing is always a mystery to me. It seems to be unrelated to quality or volume, influenced more by publisher policy and market demand. Amazon recommends that the best pricing point for my e-book " Remote Control "  is $2.99. Sure enough it has been s...

I felt driven and determined to get my 1st novel finished. Why can't I get motivated on the 2nd one? I writing a little here and there but I think I have only finished about a dozen pages in this last week. :(

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Stephen King sums up Harry Potter & Twilight
  Sounds about right.

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Time to get a Facebook account?
I used to have a Facebook account a few years ago. It was a was of time. I constantly received "friend" requests from people I'd never heard of, comments on my profile from people who were rude, pushy or perverted, and it was wasting an ever increasing amou...

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Observation or warning?
Scarily true. And if you're invoking either you're doing it wrong!

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How much control can you exert via Instant Chat?
Most of us have used one or more of the myriad instant chat programs out there. The majority will have some point have chatted with a stranger or someone you have never met in person. You may have tried to influence their actions or encourage them to buy yo...

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Use the #Shakespeare Approach to Words
Originally I thought inventing words was just plain lazy, after all surely there are enough words in existence already. However life moves on and the language must develop. New words are added to the standard dictionaries with every edition, so why shouldn'...

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I hope you'll all find this interesting. Authors of Erotic Romance fiction should be particularly interested.

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How Rude is Too #Rude?
This question applies to many genres and media. Television executives probably face this question on a daily basis and all movie directors have to consider it when it comes to certification and their target age rating. My genre is mostly erotic fiction, exp...
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