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Douglas Lampi

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Looking forward to hosting this event tomorrow morning!  Talking about #bitcoin  and the amazing ways small investors can speculate on the world markets!

#trading   #hangout   #altcoin   #investing  

Every saturday morning at 9am
Share this open hangout and get your altcoin trading questions answered. Never trade on a tip. Learn the basics of trading - and you'll get to SEE the chart patterns on your own. 

Today we talk about many different markets where we can use our bitcoin to trade - the breakout pattern in bitcoin - the bottom formations in altcoins, gold silver and oil, and top formations in real world stocks...

We can trade them all using bitcoin. 

#trading   #hangout   #bitcoin   #altcoin   #stocks   #commodities  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Lumbridgecity. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Nov 14 - Saturday Altcoin Traders Hangout
Sat, November 14, 2015, 10:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Douglas Lampi

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A busy day in the office as we connect with cattle producers and ranchers! Check out for your chance to win a new cattle squeeze chute! 

Douglas Lampi

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I love the harmonies of Renato and Rondon from Campo Grande, Brazil!

Congratulations on the release of your first video!  Great melody! Love it!

#campogrande   #brazillian   #musicfrombrazil  
Ta ai galeraaaa.. primeiro single, primeiro vídeo, mais um passo na realização do nosso sonho... muito felizes
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Douglas Lampi

Content Marketing  - 
Case Study: With a good content marketing strategy, your website and social media channels can continue to build on each other to attract new leads on a daily basis without any further active marketing!

#contentmarketingstrategy   #contentmarketingplan   #casestudy
The phrase 'content is king' is not helpful to your content marketing strategy, without some specifics you can measure and plan to attain. How can you tell if you have good content? 'Create good content' is such a vague goal that it may take a [...]
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I just see zero engagement with the community, is all. That's one of the rules, interact before posting, especially if its just your own website. Sorry about that. I usually give the attitude when I don't see any two way engagement. I don't mean anything personal by it (nor is it a quality judgement of the blog post shared)
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Douglas Lampi

Travel Marketing  - 
New Podcast Series starts with non-technical things that every lodge and resort needs to know about creating a content marketing plan!

I have been very inspired by the Icon Tourism Podcast and wanted to create a podcast because my strategies work hand in hand with the teachings of Tim and Manny to help small business build more success with online marketing! #travelmarketing   #tourismmarketing   #contentmarketing  
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Douglas Lampi

SEO and Social  - 
Every Niche can benefit from the lasting asset of a social media presence.

Love what you are doing and provide a game-changing innovation.

Then all you have to do is share your customers' experience! 
A busy day in the office as we connect with cattle producers and ranchers! Check out for your chance to win a new cattle squeeze chute! 
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Douglas Lampi

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Google's Changes Have Created More SEO Value for Those w/ Loyal Audiences

New WB Friday:

This week, I'm talking about 5 changes Google's made over the last few years that have resulted in a powerful bias in the organic results toward those sites and brands that have built up loyal audiences. Also included - some marketing tactics that can help build loyalty.
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Douglas Lampi

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We've been long promoting Content Marketing with Social Media as a means for tourism and travel businesses to build a lasting marketing asset to build customer loyalty, increase repeat visitors and generate more new leads and bookings.

Trouble is, many resort owners and tour companies mistakenly consider content marketing and sport shows both as a advertising cost.  

Rather than costly sport shows with a limited audience and a limited time-frame, content marketing is an investment in a lasting asset that can develop and produce results for years to come.  

PPC marketing, a sport show, newspaper ad, or radio spot, on the other hand, are true advertising costs with no lasting assets that remain to help promote your business.
Why Content Marketing And Social Media Are Your Most Powerful SEO Weapons

With the organic online marketing ecosystem growing, it’s no surprise that SEO, social media, and content marketing are finding themselves under the same umbrella. When the three are working in sync, they help acquire customers and increase website traffic through valuable content. This is in part due to the changes to Google algorithms, which now factor social signals as an indicator in search rankings. To make an organic marketing plan that works towards your company’s goals, it’s important to know how content marketing, social media and SEO all fit into the same strategy.

Read it all here:

Douglas Lampi

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I want to learn more about these graphs!  
Share your good content more than once!
Why You Share Your Best Content More Than Once

Earlier this year I wrote a column for +Marketing Land called "Tweet and Repeat: The Power of Multiple Sharing" ( In it I showed how sharing your best content more than once on social networks is a powerful traffic driver.

Below is a graphic example. A couple of months ago I posted a tip about understanding how private messages work on Google+ ( in the Google+ Help Community. People seemed to really like it, and it got a good amount of reshares.

I've shared it again twice since then. If you look at the Ripples for that post (image below) you can see that both times I shared it again, it got just as much or even more resharing as the first time. That's because when you post something on most social media networks, only a fraction of your audience will see it at the time. Sharing again puts it in front of new eyes.

So don't be afraid to keep on sharing your best content! (Just space out each reshare, and try them on different days and times).
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Douglas Lampi

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If you want to delve into successful blogging- Yaro is a household name for all the top bloggers.
My top coaching client Sue Anne interviewed me for her podcast. You can listen in here...
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Douglas Lampi

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Been researching pinterest a lot recently...
Now when your customers pin, you can analyze!
Check out the details of the new #Pinterest Analytics tool:
Do you want to measure your Pinterest efforts? This article shows how the new Pinterest Analytics features help get the most out of Pinterest marketing.
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