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Ricardo Ferraz Leal
Scientist, photographer, world traveller, runner, biker, even geek...
Scientist, photographer, world traveller, runner, biker, even geek...
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Replace Conditional with Polymorphism
Trying to convince my team to give up on if/then/else & case... Let's play with some code! First the the non Object Oriented / procedural version: /*  * non_oop.cpp  *  * Created on: Sep 4, 2015  * Author:  *  * Non OOP example ...

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Just for fun
64 cores, 512 GB of memory...

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JQuery autocomplete with ranged fields
Few weeks ago I was looking for a way to get a form field autocomplete from a remote JSON file with a single HTTP request. the solution is  here . Now I want to do the same but using ranged fields (i.e., sort of an array where commas and hyphen mean ranges)...

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Writing post in markdown for your blog
Just write your markdown here: And copy paste from the right pane :) That's all!! Flavoured (i.e., github) Markdown syntax is available here:

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Git: Going back in time
1. Testing stuff on a old commit # This will detach your HEAD, that is, leave you with no branch checked out:
git checkout 0d1d7fc32 Or: # This will create a new branch to play and make new commits
git checkout -b old-state 0d1d7fc32 2. Getting rid of every...

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Git: Delete Branch Remote and Locally
Delete the branch remotely: git push origin --delete And then (or the other way around) delete it locally: git branch -D

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Git Roll Back
Rolling back to a previous commit: Only and if only you are working by your self! (This is dangerous in a collaborative environment: we are rewriting history!) git reset --hard git push -f origin Note, if by any reason you want to have access to the  lost  ...

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Getting your pocket content delivered to your Kindle touch
I wanted to have the articles I save in my  Pocket  emailed to my old kindle touch... I hate reading in LCDs so I used for a while the  en2kindle  until the point it became paid. It's not expensive but after checking the  python wrapper for the pocket api I...

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JQuery JavaScript autocomplete with remote json
Because it took me ages to figure it out: - No dynamic JSON request - One and a single one request to the remote location. Here the code: /* Function to populate the autocomplete from a remote json. */ function set_autocomplete ( selector , jsonurl ) { $ . ...

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