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Rob Philbin
I'm a copywriter, a content marketer, and a dad ... still trying to figure out all three.
I'm a copywriter, a content marketer, and a dad ... still trying to figure out all three.

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In the gulf between Game of Thrones S6 and S7, this video from our designer, +Emma Rose, has kept me going.

I've watched it every day for the last week.

Think the Sigur Rós soundtrack might have something to do with it, too.

But, SEVEN HELLS, this makes an epic story so much more epic.

Blows my mind every time ...

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2 of the answers in here took me by surprise, so I only got 9 out of 11.

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I wish I applied these techniques from day one. You certainly don't need five years as a copywriter to learn them.

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Just going to leave this here ...

Some light-reading, for fellow SEO geeks who get far too fascinated by changes in search behaviour:

#SEO   #Search   #pokemongo  

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How to Find Your Most Important Customer:
Part 1 - You're Not Important

Finally, the new #SimpleContentMarketing  chapter is live over here:

Hope it helps - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the series so far ...

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A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only

If you're responsible for the marketing of your business and you're looking to build an audience online - we're going to get you there with #SimpleContentMarketing.

Welcome to my first chapter - I'd love to hear what you think ...

#contentmarketing   #marketingstrategy   #bloggingforbusiness  

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Reddit asked for the real-money value of Dragonstone ... so this mortgage broker actually worked it out.

The artwork is sweet but do you agree with the stats in here?

"Because every second counts, when you're not being Dad."

Snagged that line from the tele ad for Virgin broadband.

It's the one with the seal playing a first-person shooter.

Activision used a similar approach last year for Call of Duty.

Their ad showed Stephen Graham 'CODnapping' guys from their homes, and dumping them in some kind of warehouse utopia for gamers.

Big screens. No interruptions. And plenty of snacks.

I loved that advert for its honesty.

My generation grew up with eight-hour binges on Halo and the original COD games.

Now adulthood is sneaking up on us like tooth decay, we feel (wrongly, by the way) like we still deserve those eight-hour sessions.

The #copywriters for both ads are tapping into that.

What's your favourite ad these days?

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"There are few things in the world more powerful than empathy. If you can demonstrate that you truly understand what your prospect is experiencing and how they feel about their experiences, they won’t be able to help feeling a bond with you. Defenses go down, skepticism decreases and trust flows naturally." ~ +Donnie Bryant

I love this quote from Donnie (one clued up direct response #copywriter ).

But empathy isn't an easy thing to grasp.

And when you're writing to a total stranger, it can seem impossible.

Not so long ago, I tried something new (and potentially stupid) to join the conversation in my reader's gut.

See if you can relate:
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