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Yo'el Erez
Roleplaying techno-geek with a love of food, languages, art, and anime
Roleplaying techno-geek with a love of food, languages, art, and anime

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Why the hell are there no nice, simple, graphical firmware replacements for the iPod touch? I just want a music player that supports album art, has some nice features, is touch-based, and doesn't try to be a whole goddamn phone!

It pisses me off that I'm being charged $36 to upgrade my phone. It's an upgrade fee. What the fuck?

I can't seem to find any info on this, so here's a question: Should I avoid creating a username with spaces/capitals when I switch to Ubuntu?

I was going to get a Galaxy Nexus for free, and then I decided to pay a little extra and get an Optimus G. I'm so excited. Maybe next I'll install Ubuntu on it :P

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Hmm. I hope this doesn't become problematic...

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You have my attention.
I am liking Ubuntu more and more and more.

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Holy mother of God this is amazing. I've always wanted to be able to develop webapps that act like native apps. Looks like I won't have to wait long before I can make fully native JS/HTML/CSS apps!

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Right when I decide to switch to Linux I start seeing all these professional programs being made for it. I've got some good karma working for me, haha.

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I think I would actually buy a PS4 just for this game...
It's so bloody pretty.
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