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Raymond Perez
:: I'll mostly post my poems on here :: Insta: mrperez82 :: Twitter: mrperez82 :: FB: mrperez82 ::
:: I'll mostly post my poems on here :: Insta: mrperez82 :: Twitter: mrperez82 :: FB: mrperez82 ::

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This Is What We Call Life

Breaking News: Shots fired, stray bullet kills innocent child at a dine.
Update: Shots were gang related, the victim’s name is being held family just wants to know why.

This Is What We Call Life

A child is left bringing a child into this wild world, now she is seeing it as a curse.
Fathers child is either locked up, ran away, or being driving in a hearse.

This Is What We Call Life

He grows up living the street life, not listening to his mother’s worried cries.
He tells her not to worry that everyone is meant to die.

This Is What We Call Life.


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I spoke to Jesus, and he asked me what was the deal?
Why do I question Him, why do I ask if God, He is real?
He asked me “why do I think he is putting me through a test?”
Why do I think he is putting me through pain, instead of wishing me the best?
He asked me “if I have learned anything in my 31 years of Life.”
I told him that not all questions come with answers, and that we are living a Lie.
I told him that in his words everyone should be treated the same.
But from “his” words people have shown hate.
I told him he is praised, and loved by many.
“In God we trust” is said by plenty.
But some of them people believe in You because of faith, not cause of fact.
I use to be one of them people that stood strong in the, “In God We Trust” packed.
I use to praise you.
I was told that Jesus is the person to save you.
Many years later I questioned many things in this thing called Life.
Sadly, you were part of that group since you never truly answered my whys.
I felt pain when I was young, but Jesus is the way.
I felt pain as I got older, but Jesus is your savior they say.
But you Jesus were never in my view.
Only a book titled Bible is all that I knew about you.
You left me with more questions in my head.
I have sinned; I have done things I don’t regret.
But without our sins, what would you be?
You died for us they say, so in time we will see.
If I have forgotten you Lord, then please let me know that you are real.
Let me know that you was never a make believe; let me know what’s the real deal.

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