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URUTSK: World of Mystery

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If you like my writing / game design, please feel free to use the link to Donate.
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OK, I'm for this.
A short open letter to Google on minimizing the damage of shutting down Google Plus

I'm one of many users not happy with your decision to shut down G+.

I don't expect you to reverse course on that decision. So I won't ask. Instead, I have two requests on how to minimize the damage to users like me, who have created a significant body of G+ posts over the years and shared the URLs widely.

1. Don't delete our posts. Stop us from adding new ones if you must, but don't delete the old ones.

I know we can export and save them, and I plan to do that.

But the exported copies will be offline, with no obvious way to put them back online in a form comparable to the original form.

It's hard to believe that Google is the company that heroically hunted down, preserved, and reposted all the original Usenet posts.

Google wasn't even the creator or proponent-in-chief of Usenet. It's hard to believe that for posts to your own platform, you'd prefer deletion to preservation.

It doesn't have to be that way. At least do for G+ posts what you did for Usenet posts. Save them all, keep them online, and keep them readable, discoverable, and useful.

2. There are many ways to implement the first suggestion. If you consider taking the step at all, please consider a solution that doesn't break the URLs to the original G+ posts. Either keep the posts at the existing URLs, or create seamless redirects to the new online space where you archive G+.

As a variation on this theme, let us put all our G+ posts in our individual Google One accounts. Do it in a way that does not count against our memory quota. In that sense, treat these posts the way you treat Google Photos. Do it in a way that makes our public G+ posts automatically public, like public Google docs. Do it in a way that creates redirects from the original G+ platform. Make the migration a simple pushbutton operation.

+Google+ +Google+
#googleplus #google+ #google
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Purely hypothetical: if, for some reason, you had to use a non-Gloranthan map, say, of any other established setting (map only), which would it be, and why?

Thanks. :D

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This regards the Possibility that Y0uTub3 altering comments, not the channel which posted this video. I thought to bring it to everyone's attention.

Further investigation suggests that it may be a glitch with Auto-translate:

"LFP Gaming
10 hours ago (edited)
You probably just have to disable 'auto translation' in your browser. I HAVE seen and know for a fact that: comments/descriptions/titles sometimes get translated by YouTube depending on your location and the original language of the video (ie. if you have youtube set to english and then watch a russian video), but I've never seen it being done 'on the fly' like in your video (usually you have to refresh the page for it to update) and it wouldn't translate it from english to english obviously... so that leads me to think that it has to be 'auto translation'"
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Who remembers this airing?
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Invaluable information and great overview

Watching Vikings tv series.
Interesting, but I keep wondering if I'm supposed to be cheering for IS, or just observing.
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