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Roman Hošek
Just another person playing game called Life, do want to join my team?
Just another person playing game called Life, do want to join my team?

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SmartTV SDK update:
Samsung Tizen 2016 support added
LG webOS 3.x support added
Enhancement of SONY PlayStation 3/4 drivers
Hisense Vidaa 2015 and 2016 TV support added
Improved SDK Documentation (How to use DRM, VAST module guide)
The support for 4K playback on Samsung Tizen TVs added

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IceZero FPGA Board for Raspberry Pi

Mesa Bus Protocol 32 MHz SPI link between CPU and FPGA.
2-Layer PCB design. Orderable via OSH-Park or Gerbers for Downloading.
FTDI 1×6 USB Serial Cable header for use with PC instead of Pi ( or as a soft CPU debug Trace Port ).
Single Pi UART plumbed to FPGA for muxing to multiple external serial devices.

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'Five researchers from the Vrije University in the Netherlands have put together an attack that can be carried out via JavaScript code and break ASLR protection on at least 22 processor micro-architectures from vendors such as Intel, AMD, ARM, Allwinner, Nvidia, and others.

The attack, christened ASLR⊕Cache, or AnC, focuses on the memory management unit (MMU), a lesser known component of many CPU micro-architectures, which is tasked with improving performance for cache management operations':

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Build your own WiFi jammer with an ESP8266.

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