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Whose Life is More Important? Back in November 2015, I wrote a post asking , "Is the cost of security and self-preservation worth it?" This seems particularly relevant with the latest executive orders, so I've decided to rep...

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Standing Together
Let's be clear: The strong protest against Trump is not ultimately about policy. (He doesn't even know his own policy, so that can't truly happen, and no policy debate can occur in 140 characters.) It is about him betraying fundamental American values throu...

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Love Brings Peace
This is the second week of Advent, with the topic of Peace, following the week of Hope. The nexus of these two topics is the first anniversary of the San Bernardino terrorist attack.  Friday marked the first anniversary of our community changing forever. I ...

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Stop Misrepresenting, Start Listening
Wow, what a week, and how social media has blown up. Before election day, I shared the photo in this blog, and I think it's time to share it again as a reminder to everyone. Back in July, I also predicted that many people would have trouble accepting the re...

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Are We Listening?
In the midst of debates of policy positions and voting decisions, do we really understand the motivations of people we criticize? While I know I'm  never guilty of this (ha ha), I've noticed the way many people characterize others frequently displays a stro...

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Making Satan Real
This review first appeared on the  Englewood Review of Books . Christians view and interpret Christ rather diversely. However, there seem to be even wider discrepancies between understandings of Satan. Is he real or a metaphoric personification? Is he a fal...

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What Jobs Are Important?
As many around the nation saw, there has been a massive wildfire in Southern California. It seriously threatened my hometown, where my parents still live, so I watched it closely. Growing up in a mountain town, we had threatening fires almost annually. Alth...

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Stop Calling Presidential Candidates Mentally Ill
Election season can be downright crazy. And it's not infrequent that policies, parties, and candidates also get labelled as "crazy." This may be the first year that at least one candidate is explicitly being called mentally ill as an argument against him. T...

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Accepting the Democratic Process
I've been on two juries. The first time was a drug possession and selling case. One of the most serious charges (related to illegal weapons, I believe) was determined to be too high and the lower charge that we believed he was guilty of was not an option be...

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Trumped Christianity
Earlier in the month, there was an op-ed in the New York Times entitled The Theology of Donald Trump , exploring Trump's faith and especially evangelical Christianity's response to him. It's interesting how we interpret behavior, which is obviously a comple...
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