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Xray Ted name is not really Ted name is not really Ted

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+CBS This Morning , anchor desk... u all should be ashamed of uRselves.  Are we not supposed to be trying to put an end to bullying?? Bullying, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The "snore loser" perceived himself ridiculed, teased and trifled with.  And therefore, he was bullied i.e. harassed.  And what did u three do when given the opportunity to say something about it?  U took the commentators side?? well, I suppose, since u r all in the same business... might as well just stick together.  Just remember from this point on, u all doNt get to say anything about bullying... and putting an end to it.  And that is because uVe demonstrated that there is certain bullying that is acceptable in uR worlds.
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yes... it must be just so totally terrible to not only have to reject SO MANY MEN... but also now, have to worry if those rejected men will come back and kill them.   #yesallwomen  
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TMZ on a roll .... 4 R.I.P.'s like right in a row!!!

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so ppl have a problem when other ppl speak their mind about a topic that those ppl have no business in.

and then, the other ppl have a problem with the first group of ppl because they are speaking their minds about a topic they have no business in.

doNt start nothing.... woNt be nothing
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" my Daddy taught me to hate others... He says he learned that from God... And that's why I hate and that's why I will teach my children to hate "

You really want your children to stand before God and have to answer for that s***.. ? Your grandchildren?
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It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!
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Let me get this straight... because, while u were growing up, there was no adult in your life that had enough courage and or intelligence to introduce to you and all the other children, to holiday figures that reflect your own ethnicity... You feel it necessary to spread the word nationwide that Santa Claus should be changed from Caucasian to African American. 

Tell ya what, you teach your children that Santa Claus is an ethnicity of your choice. And everyone else can teach their children that Santa Claus is an ethnicity of their choice.

Just because all the pictures of Santa Claus that you run into depict a Caucasian doesn't mean that's what you are required to teach your children.

As for me I like to think of Santa Claus as an anthropomorphization of the holiday season in general. Being neither Caucasian nor African American. A reminder of what this season represents, a sense of togetherness and family.

Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do but wouldn't it go over a lot better if you were not trying to tell the entire world what to do?... After all how would you react if I told you that my way was the only way to go?... For someone who I assume is college educated shouldNt u know better than that?... Hell, I've only had two semesters of college and I can see that fact clear as day.

Stop thinking that social convention is required teaching... Just because Santa Claus is Caucasian in the advertisement u saw.... Doesn't mean that that's what you got to tell your children. 
And just because you don't have the ability to think outside the box doesn't mean you know better than the entire world...imho it should be the reason why you DON'T know better than the entire world... As a matter of fact, to me that means you know exactly as much as the entire world.
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The test of the "True American" lies not in how well u fight for your rights... but in how well you fight for the rights of others.
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We should all be ashamed of ourselves... "Thanksgiving Day" has now been utterly invaded by that which is "Black Friday". Even as soon as last year, it was mere hours after we gave thanks for that which we already have before we went out to get more stuff...and be militant in acquiring these things. And this year,'s almost like "T'givingDay" no longer exists. 

Do we willingly forget about the aggression and outright violence that this "Black Friday" promotes? Is THIS year the year someone gives their life in that name??

iVE joked for years that the Catholic Church move the Christmas holiday to somewhere at the beginning of the year. This year... it's no joke, and THIS Pope.... is just the Pope that would do such a thing. Opting to forego the usual commercialism that comes along with the memorial of the birth of our savior, and turn towards a more reverent observance of our most valued of holy days.
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