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Foundation for End of Life Care
Our goal is to transform dying into the final act of living well.
Our goal is to transform dying into the final act of living well.

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A mother who battled her COPD disease conditions for several years, found herself under financial stress with the increased cost of living from her needed medical supplies. When the young children were in need of the basics for school, the family found themselves struggling to pay the monthly bills and eventually felt forced to make a decision about which one NOT to pay. Read how the Foundation was able to step in and assist the family here:

Reaching Out to Support a Hospice Program: The Foundation was able to provide financial support to a local hospice center that was faced with the challenge of raising funds to assist one of their families with their monthly utility bills. The Foundation was grateful to be able to issue a grant that could not only be used for this one patient, but to help several patients and their families meet their monthly bills and bring peace of mind with these financial concerns as they face the challenge of their health conditions.

Waiting for Her Social Security Check: A wife who had been caring for her terminally ill husband found herself in his passing with no job, no income and bills to pay. While waiting for her social security to kick in, the Foundation gladly stepped in to assist.  Read more:

Helping a Young Family: When a young couple’s second child was born with a life limiting terminal illness they found themselves limited on the resources available to them.  See how the Foundation was able to help here:

Foundation Projects: Since the Foundations establishment in 1999, we have been grateful to help the needs of hospice patients in over 300 hospice programs. View some of the hospice programs whose members we have been able to assist here.

Bereavement: Coping with grief can be a challenging for both personal and professional experiences. We are proud to be a supporter of the Hospice Foundation of America to assist in implementing specific bereavement programs including clergy-to-clergy services, grief counseling activities and the National Bereavement Teleconference.

Education & Research: Foundation for End-of-Life Care is devoted to the research and education necessary for the enhancement of end-of-life care including Research Grants and Partnerships, Hospice Grants to Share Best Practices and Assistance for Hospice Foundation of America Programs.

Patient Special Needs: At Foundation for End-of-Life Care, we aim to bring comfort and peace of mind to individual dying patients and their families through our Special Needs program. With the support of generous contributions, we are able to help fund extraordinary expenses that lie outside the realm of hospice care but are nonetheless critically important to the patient and their needs.

When it comes a patient each story is unique. Here are a few different stories you should know: 

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