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Hello Everyone!  I hope you're enjoying your last few weeks of summer. I am transitioning into "oh yeah, school is starting" mode as we speak.  I decided to share an activity I do with the song "Mrs. Macaroni" that is really appropriate and fun for the begi...

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Orff Visuals
Hey there readers!  I can't wait to start blogging again.  I took a (major) break while my husband battled cancer (lymphoma - he's in remission) and I had our first child, a precious baby girl. I will be sifting through comments but sadly, two things have o...

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Hello everyone!  I wanted to share this Hanukkah idea for older students - just in case you're looking to diversify your holiday season. Here's a nice minor melody (I don't recall where it is from and it might not be Israeli, shh!  If you happen to know, pl...

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On Her Broomstick
We all have those songs where we can't quite remember their source ("Wait, which book was this in?") and for me, this is totally one of those songs (feel free to comment if you know where it is from).  I've taught this song every year, usually with younger ...

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Lady in the Graveyard
Hello everyone! I know we all love this time of year, don't we?!  I'm very excited to be working through my October lessons.  I have so many fun things that I really have to pick and choose between them. Here's an activity that I'll be trying next week with...

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Name Game Extension Idea for 1st/2nd Graders
   I've been looking for a few new ideas for the first weeks of school.  I'm at a new school, so we'll be playing lots of name games up front for both the kids' sake and my own.  In the 1st grade Spotlight on Music series, I came across this:   I decided ...

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Word Wall
This year, I created my own, mostly color-coded, word wall (well, technically they are more like vocabulary cards).   I'm sure I'll create more as the years go on, but if you think these could help you, feel free to download them (for free) at my TPT store ...

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Rhythm Word Wall Freebie
Hello everyone! This poor blog has been so neglected!  Last semester, I decided to mostly take a break from blogging.  My husband graduated med school and landed a residency in a different city so, needless to say, we were SUPER busy. Thankfully, I was hire...

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Listening Activities for Spring
Here are two of my favorite listening activities for Spring (one for K-2 and one for 3-5): The first goes with "Flight of the Bumblebee" and I've used it with 1st grade (I think it would work K-2).  They are also working on the song "Bee Bee" (you can find ...

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Captain, Go Sidetrack Your Train
Here's a rhythm activity I'm planning to use with my 5th graders (we're working on recorder and syncopa): The students create their own rhythms and then improvise a melody on E-G-A-B on the recorder.  This creates a "B" section for the orffestration and mov...
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