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Blatant recruiting to follow:

My team has some open headcount.  So if you think you've got the skills (scripting/coding, sql, production troubleshooting, cmd-line-fu) and want to live in the PNW, drop me a line.  I really like the team I work on, and love Seattle.  Also, you can bring your dog to work.
Don't have all the skills? no problem, most of us only had 2 or 3 when we started.
Moving is expensive?  Amazon offers a relocation package.
Don't think you're good enough?  I didn't either. 

Nature of the work:  Cleaning up software messes, creating tools to make life easier, building rope bridges to cross technical debt.

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Just made some fantastic Mac & cheese.
Totally worth the ultra-specific ingredient that I bought for it.  My variation includes cajun seasoning and chicken.

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When playing Catan, beware the dessert tile.


How to fly with bags on Delta
15:00 CST, check bag
17:00, board flight
21:00 PST, land.
22:00 finally be told you won't see your bag that night.  Next flight is 11am
Next Day
13:00 Receive email from, goto site to setup address, contact info, delivery instructions.
18:00 Change delivery instructions now that office is closed.
20:07 Receive email that your bag will be delivered no later than 19:45.
20:09 Receive email with details about your driver, including how to see their location
22:00 Finally see driver move out of Seattle
22:45 Wonder if "We deliver up to 11pm" means you're screwed...
Next Day
00:40 Bag Delivered.

Paid off my student loans

Our world is made up of mutable objects.  You may buy in a specific form, with a predefined function, but that doesn't mean you can't alter it.  There hacks/alterations/adjustments often require some physical resources and skills, but the biggest hurdle is ingenuity.  Ingenuity is a skill, which means practicing and often failing.

Related: my band-aid fits perfectly around the curve of my thumb after a few strategic cuts.
My 3DS has wireless charging, 30 minutes poking around in my 3DS.
My cutting board now has a groove to catch juices, 15 minutes with a router which I borrowed.
The phone mount in my car has wireless charging, an hour messing around with how to get it in there and dremelling away material.

I am not content to settle things which are almost what I want, when the difference is something I can bridge, and neither should you.

Things on my todo list:
hem jeans, I haven't done this yet because I want to make sure the jeans are (hopefully, mostly) done shrinking/stretching.
alter pockets in messenger bag, I need to decide what precisely I want to accommodate.  Impetus is the loose spork, but I figure while I'm at it....
Normal carry includes:
external battery
cables: 3ds & usb.
spare AAA batteries
spare earbuds.
small pill bottle.

Sometimes carry:
headphones (normally I'm wearing them)
laptop power cord.
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