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Karen Strunks
Wake up, be you, have fun, do business, make money. Create a life of FREEDOM, doing what you LOVE.
Wake up, be you, have fun, do business, make money. Create a life of FREEDOM, doing what you LOVE.

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Very often we get nice and comfortable, doing the same things, in the same way, and following the same people with the same message.

There is ALWAYS room to expand and to get yourself out of the echo chamber. That's the way growth lies.

What I see amongst a lot of budding online entrepreneurs is that many are trying to make things work by doing the same thing as the next person. And it doesn't work. You can't replicate someone else's success. It's not their fault. It's simply that there is no innovation on their part. It's almost a 'lazy' way to 'build a business' and these people don't have a lot of real-world experience. I feel sorry for them, but then I guess they aren't the people I'm here to help.

Building a business of any kind is a serious endeavour and most people haven't got what it takes; whether that the knowledge the need, the experience, or the willingness to put themselves through hell and high water to make it a success.

If you keep listening to the same people say the same thing you are going to stunt your growth and also risk sounding the same as them and loose your identity and what makes you unique in the process.

It's time to get serious.
It's time to put your education at the forefront.
It's time for the next level.
It's time for serious growth.
It's time to break out of your bubble.

I've got my sights set on on 2017 and my personal and business growth and the direction I want to go in, and as always, I'll be here sharing my knowledge and supporting the right people along the way.

It's never too early to start planning.

What do you want your business, and life, to look like in 2017? And are you ready to get serious about doing what it takes to make it happen?

If you ARE serious about doing the work, committing to your success, and making it happen and you need my help and support and you want to work with me privately email me today.

Karen x


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Living and loving my laptop life running my online business, following my passions helping others do the same and create a life of true FREEDOM!

Join my NO LIMITS MASTERMIND and claim the life, the money and success you want right now!

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I help women create lives of FREEDOM on their terms. I can help you if....

You are born for more than the norm and you refuse to accept anything less than what you want so you can help others.

You hate rules and where your badge of non-conformity with pride! You've never fitted in and you never want to. Yours is a life less ordinary.

You don't follow the crowd you LEAD the way. Sheeple bore you and you'd rather spend quality time in your own company than a minute in the wrong company.

You are positive, happy and celebrate others success because you know they are showing you what can be achieved. You can't imagine any other life but one of your OWN design and you will do whatever it takes. You are committed to this journey for life!

If you want to work with me in a more intensive way, email me

Your life. YOUR RULES. x

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How to make FREEDOM A MUST! Join myself and fellow online and laptop entrepreneur +Natalie Edwards tomorrow LIVE whilst we talk about HOW to create a life of FREEDOM. We'll be answering any Q's too so make sure you tune in if FREEDOM is of importance to YOU! x 
Join the incredible Karen Strunks and myself for a LIVE Google Hangout all about how to make freedom a MUST and why it's your birthright to be able to design and live a life of total freedom every single day.

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