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Coming to the Big Business and Technology Expo? Check out our Infogenix booth, we'd love a chance to meet more people! :) ^CM

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Are you utilizing Google+? Two Google+ SEO Guides You Should Read (via Search Engine Land) ^CM

A great collection, including today's doodle! 12 Adorable Google Doodles for Valentine's Day (via Mashable) ^CM

Google "Myth Busts" Microsoft's Privacy Claims (via @marketingland)^CM

Just in from Mashable: SOPA Is Dead: Smith Pulls Bill - ^CM

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SOPA turns average Internet users into criminals? Another great article: Why SOPA Is Dangerous (via Mashable) ^CM

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What are all these internet blackouts about? Where Do SOPA and PIPA Stand Now? (via Mashable) ^CM

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Check out this fun little web-game, build in HTML5! "Cut the Rope" comes to the web: ^CM

Happy New Year to everyone! We're hoping this new year is great for all our clients, friends, and followers. And thanks for following us! :) ^CM

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A good read about making Google+ work for you! The #1 Google Plus Page Must-do for Website SEO (via B2Community) ^CM
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