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Awareness and Education support for #HeForShe
Awareness and Education support for #HeForShe


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Hey.. how you been? Sorry  I haven't been around. I've been in the trenches with the Common Core issues and playing with the Senators and Congressmen, and all of their propaganda people. :-)  Came across something you might be interested in. A bit of living nasty history.
Real live Dark Queen there. And The Atlantic has a bit more historic connection with this person.
Came up because she stuck her nose into Common Core. I had never  dealt with her before. Just got the name and the post where she mentions CCSS ... I read about her, but really didn't make any connection between the name and it being "her"... turned out she's not really interested in the Education issue... she was just asked about it in the interview... and it popped up on my radar. But by that time I already did the search to find out who i was up against... and bam.. the Dark Queen herself.  -- It feels a little unfair that someone as nasty as her gets to keep living. That probably sounds bad, but .. hell  It will be a brighter world when she's no longer messing with it.

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One in three people think that if the victim disagreed with things that the murderer said, and debated with them, that they were at least partially responsible for being murdered?

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Discussing Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s utopian novel Herland (1915) and psychologist Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice (1983).

How does human nature, and specifically moral psychology, vary by sex? Charlotte Perkins Gilman claims that when philosophers have described human nature as violent and selfish, they have in mind solely male nature.

Females, left to themselves in an isolated society, would be supremely peaceful, rational, and cooperative. Carol Gilligan says accounts of “normal” moral development have not taken into account observations of women: instead of judging women my male standards and finding them wanting, she hypothesized a trajectory specific to women that acknowledged their emphasis on concrete care as opposed to abstract moral principles.

There i was, minding my own business, -- just #amwriting  my novel and then POW #WackedWithASalmon  !  NO! I say.. You Do Not Have a right to Privacy! It is Not a Constitutional Right! Why are we giving airtime to idiots? .. oh.. never mind.. it was on Fox..   #FACTSNOTFOX  

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You may not know this by I am now an Advocate for the #HeForShe of the UN Women. 

I have a request for research to be done on SDSU. We're going to take a look at policies and methods, as well as the currently accepted methods  of dealing with rapists and preventives in place for avoiding rapes, to see if there is a lack or any difference at all --in an attempt find something which may have been overlooked, missed or underutilized. It will be a great deal of reading to get a clear understanding, and then even more for cross checking and then finding collaborative views for a few theories,  followed by a creative use of current understanding with suggestions. Calling current  principles into challenge is possible as well.  

After doing the preliminary work this afternoon. I've marked a few files as Required reading. They felt like the absolute base line of awareness you will need before approaching the magnitude of information that is available. but it must be done. Especially with projects such as this one where people are being seriously hurt and the current methods are inept at protection. 

Wedo not approach a task like this directly without understanding from original source. Nor do we maintain our current beliefs. We don't because our beliefs are blinders, and derived by common or conventional wisdom. 

Conventional wisdom is not necessarily true. Conventional wisdom is additionally often seen as an obstacle to the acceptance of newly acquired information, to introducing new theories and explanations, and therefore operates as an obstacle that must be overcome by legitimate revisionism.They are  those commonplace beliefs that are also acceptable and comfortable to society, thus enhancing their ability to resist facts that might diminish them. In our case these Conventional wisdoms are powered by strong emotions and binding loyalties. 

When our loyalties scream at something we noted,  the wisdom demon's demanding that it is impossible, we mentally agree and tell our demon that we are unmoved, but right now, this is what we are working with and we will reassert our own values later. I actually have this little conversation many times while I'm researching. It keeps stress from making me weary.

I press this because the CDC's vision of rape prevention is vastly different from any program which has come before.. this from their site. ------

CDC's role in sexual violence prevention is unique; no other federal agency is working to advance the primary prevention of sexual violence—to prevent violence before it begins. By working to prevent sexual violence before it begins, RPE grantees have reached out to new audiences including coaches, boys and men, and the entertainment industry, and have developed innovative prevention strategies, which have spread across the country.
and here is from one of the prevention manuals 

Individuals in the first stage, precontemplation, are not aware of a problem, do not define an issue or their behavior related to it as a problem, or have no plans to do anything about a problem, if they are aware of it. Individuals in the second stage, contemplative, intend to change in the near future and are more aware of the problem as well as the costs and benefits of changing their behavior. The third stage, preparation, includes those individuals who intend to take immediate action, have plans of action, or have taken some recent significant
actions to change their behavior. In the action stage, individuals have modified their behavior, and only real risk-reducing behaviors count in this stage. Moreover, and again with respect to stopping harmful behaviors, the action stage is when it is critical to attend to the prevention of relapse (for a concise overview of the stages of change, see Levesque, Prochaska, & Prochaska, 1999

Notice the radical change? The whole book is like this. Nothing to do with Her/Victim and everything to do about Him/Rapist.  

Because she can not prevent him from Being a rapist, whether she is attacked or not. He is still going to be a rapist. 

So... we must find him, and we must educate him so that he knows that he has a problem -- before he rapes someone. 

Fantastic Idea. I'm loving it -- all except that nasty historic problem where those who do not fully understand the study, and method, turn it into a witch hunt, and then male oppressors move in and shut it down completely and the problem gets worse.

Other than that is is a fantasica idea and I want to move in that direction .

Clear minds. Clear objectives and method. 

It is going to be a long term thing. I see it as our group's (the HeForShe's I work with) project. If we are to be able to do any good, we need  education and bring in  experienced people to talk with us.. but after reading this.. I'm confident this can work. 

It will not be a waste of your time and it is  promising to  be very interesting. so. I invite you to join up. The more of us the better.

What man stands by as women are stripped?
#HeforShe – Our Question for 16 days.#feminism #YesAllDaughters #News #OurABC #Seattle #NYC

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#HandleIt! -- Be the Voice of change - Find us at and create change and save lives #sydney #feminist #women #ms

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#HandleIt! -- Be the Voice of change - Find us at and create change and save lives #sydney #mtvstars

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#HandleIt! -- Be the Voice of change - Find us at and create change and save lives #sydney #ourabc #auspol

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