That's it. The end...

DarkyROM has been stolen by my own crew.
I've been thrown out by my "loyal" crew...

My team (ficeto, Robbie Hood and Tom) want me gone.
Why? Because they think the project is theirs now.
They think because they worked in the last few months, it belongs to them now and I don't have anything to say now.

I was and still am in my last year of education and everyone understood I can't invest that much time anymore. But now when I asked my team to transfer DarkyROM to another domain - to make DarkyROM bigger - they want me gone now so I can't do anything.

I can't do anything about it as I trusted Hristo (ficeto) when I gave DarkyROM to his server. He suspended my access, so he has the full control.

I'm so upset that a few people STEAL my project I started in October 2010 (alone). And just because I had to concentrate on my education, I have nothing to say now? This is just not fair.

- Joël Staub (Darky)

Further steps will be communicated here.
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