This is the full story - the problem is, my crew didn't want to hear what I wanted to tell them.

I wanted to fusion DarkyROM with Android Swiss and nothing would have changed (for the worse) for the community itself. It would have grown bigger. Things would have been more professional. The server move / domain transfer was needed in my eyes as the hosting on Hristo's (ficeto's) server wasn't really realiable (always downtimes, many occurencies of slow loading times etc.). We would have moved it to a server in Switzerland (that's on if you're interested), so users have more stability.

About the fusion / administrative change:
The club Android Swiss has been founded by 2 young men (like me) and we share our interests (to make Android more popular). There are almost the same amount of people active, like on DarkyROM.
I didn't want to take care of all the administrative work (yes, dear Hristo, Robbie and Tom: there's administrative work with a community around 40'000 users). It doesn't stop with only making ROMs…
I wanted to come back making ROMs after my apprenticeship.

I forgot to say: Android Swiss is not a company or a commercial club / association.
Their goal is to have fun with Android and share this.
They wanted to make Android more popular (because here in Switzerland, everyone has an iPhone).

We wanted to take DarkyROM further and revive it (again). Here's why it has to be "revived":

Yes, the user registrations rised up (but not fast), but looking at Google Analytics, you could see that since (almost) 1 year, the monthly visitors went down from over 500'000 to less than 30'000…
And it was going down every day.

The DarkyROM Crew made some ROMs, yes.
But it wasn't the same spirit like it was in the original SGS 1 times.
Not much of those "full ROMs" appeared.

And speaking of "hard work" (this is for you, Hristo): Hristo (ficeto) clicks his script, puts in the firmware and a new base ROM has been created automatically. So much to speak of "hard work". Making a full ROM (like comnam90, Robbie and me) takes a lot of time, because you do everything by hand (every small png and line of text).

What makes me very angry is that this is still my project (I'm the original author and a project doesn't automatically change his ownership when the original author takes a few steps back) and I trusted Hristo (ficeto) when I gave DarkyROM to his server (which he got donated by the whole DarkyROM community >> $ 3000).
I do appreciate what my crew has done for DarkyROM. But I still have the right to decide what's gonna happen (administratively). For the crew and the members, nothing would have changed (for the bad).
No one would have told my crew what to do in the future.

It's true, I haven't been doing ROMs for over half a year (But I've done a ROM for the SGS II and helped with the SGS 1 (v10.4.x) not long ago). But those people don't understand that I'm very limited in my 4th year of education.
I don't just have to go to school. I also work (makes a total of 100%) when I'm not in school and have to prepare for a lot of exams all the time. And I think I have the right to stop development temporarily until I'm finished with my apprenticeship.

Oh, and I forgot to say: Yes, of course I became something for the fusion!
I became a Samsung Galaxy S III (when it launches) to make a comeback ROM.

I'm sad / upset that my old crew now takes the whole user base / database and creates a new community with their new name. This is what Hristo wrote to my girlfriend Gabriela.
That is theft in my eyes! It's just not fair.

And let's be honest: if you would build your own company / project, you also would rather have your data with you than giving it to someone you've never seen in real life. You just feel more safe if something happens (death, accident or whatever).


My proposal: I'm also not perfect. Maybe I should have informed my crew before this has been formed.
But it would have ended in the same way as it has now: they would have just banned me because Hristo has the server (the power) to control everything and they wouldn't listen to me.

I think my crew should have just said: "Okay, Joël, we don't want to work with you anymore. We are going to take our ROMs with us (those that Robbie and Hristo made alone) and create our own community". That's what would have been fair. If they believe in what they do, they would have no problem to build up the community what I've achieved / founded.

Last but not least, I want to say that I never wanted such a "war".
We (and Android Swiss) want peace, not war. With the support of the users and Hristo giving me my domain back, I'll rebuild DarkyROM together with Android Swiss.


Joël Staub
- Darky.
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