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I've got another question about how people interpret something. Was looking at the Whisper special abilities (i.e. Summon, Channel, Compel, etc). Much of the stuff described there is stuff that I would have already assumed the Whisper could do just using Attune. So my question is do folks see those abilities as not being available using Attune or some other skill until you take the special ability, or do you see the special abilities as basically allowing you to do the various things by spending stress instead of rolling?

So, I'd like to get some other folks opinion on this. I know the teamwork rules are optional and players can do individual actions. Do you folks think that multiple players could work on a single obstacle clock with their own actions and have each of their results apply towards completing it individually? That seems possible as long as each player working on it faces some sort of possibility of danger from their actions.

Has John officially released or someone mocked up a blank crew sheet? I'm making my own city for a game and would like to customize the factions list on the side.

So last night during our session we finished the House of 3 Squires, then went and did a town phase, and then began the next Adventure phase. Multiple players completed their goals for the first part, and then when we got into the second part they chose new goals for the new mission. I was uncertain as to how to handle rewards for this type of situation where you have two goals in one session. I just went ahead and gave the players their persona points for the first goals when they erased them to write the new ones. What do you guys think?
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