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How to disable TOON rendering?


Gan ada yang pernah coba pakai SD Card sebagai internal (adoptable storage) di M? Aku coba di mito a10, sepertinya memang disk space jadi banyak banget, tapi kayanya hape jadi lambat banget. Memang SD card ku keluaran 5 tahunan lalu dan lambat. Pengaruh ga ya?

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Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is now published by Audiophile.

If you are a user of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder published by Yuku, you can contact to get a refund on the previous purchase, should you decide to purchase the new version published by Audiophile.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support!

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Remember when Android One is announced, it was mentioned that Youtube videos could be played offline for free. How does it work with the current situation?
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Share your favorite LINE stickers anywhere! Now LINE is really popular, especially boosted by its stickers. Why should you only use those stickers inside LINE, if you can actually send them outside LINE? Use Sticker Album for LINE and let your WhatsApp or other messenger friends be happy with stickers!
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We are releasing version 1.18.0 for the Beta Testers featuring:

Stereo Recording
Now you can record in stereo! Unfortunately you won't know whether the recording is really in stereo or not, because Android does not tell us. 
Just enable "Stereo" in the app settings > Recording, and you are set. 
Together with this we also adjust the default bit rate for new installations to 128 kbps. Stereo recording maxes at 24 kHz for 64 kbps MP3 files.

Set default email recipient and subject
Some users send email of recordings to themselves or to their employers. It is a hassle to always type the email address or the subject each time they send a recording. 
So we implemented a setting to set the default subject and recipient. This can be accessed from the share screen.

Playback device selection
You can now choose to play the recordings via the earpiece instead of via the music speaker. Why? Because the earpiece usually has softer sound but the quality is higher. When the recording is played back through the earpiece, the proximity sensor is activated. So if you put the earpiece to your ear, the screen is turned off, preventing accidental touches. The volume buttons will also control the selected playback device.

Note: If headphones are attached, any mode will still playback the sound via headphones.

Hope you like them! Any feedbacks are appreciated.

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Version 1.17.1 – Home Screen Shortcut and Quick Start notification

The Home Screen shortcut allows you to have a kind of 1x1 "widget" on the Home Screen. Tap once, the recording starts. Tap another time, the recording stops. The difference from the normal widget is, Hi-Q only supplies the image to show on the home screen, and the rest is handled by the home screen. This will reduce resources needed by the system overally. This also allows some launchers (Nova Launcher) that provide a means to perform actions tied to a shortcut.

Quick Start allows you to start recording from any application as long as you can pull the notification drawer. This allows for easier and more stealth starting of recording. Because this means that it is now possible to have this notification entry even before Hi-Q MP3 Recorder starts recording, we need to ask for permission of "start app when the device boots up", which may sound scary. So we put this functionality into another app.
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