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Good considerations for choosing a charity.
When it comes to winning good will from customers and making a name for your business in the community, few approaches are more effective than a good cause-related marketing effort.
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One step closer to success via failure. Love it.
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Eric Webb

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If your audience isn't responding to your first email - email them again in 24 hours, right?

"I'm just checking to see if you received my previous email..."

I'm not sure who came up with the concept that sending a second email within 24 hours of the first makes a lot of sense, but it's quite annoying and obvious that an automation system is doing it. There's nothing wrong with sending a second email to non-responders, as it will generally get 50% of the original email response, but not within the first 24 hours, and definitely not with the exact same email (even if you send it with different subject line).

If you get these types of emails, please reply with two points:
1) Give me more than 24 hours
2) Change up the content and the subject line (and especially don't try to pretend we talked.

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Eric Webb

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If you are in marketing, LVR is the metric to pay attention to. Senior leaders like to task marketing with ROI but LVR is a much more aligned metric. Do we care about sales, of course but we don't control the many variables that start the minute a qualified lead is handed over to sales.
One thing that is great in SaaS, from a 20,000 foot perspective at least, is You Can See The Future. It's the benefit of a recurring revenue stream in a B2B model.  If you did $100k last month, and...
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Good article on the importance of having a Social Selling strategy, training and deliberate approach. I most like that it emphasizes leveraging sales because Social Selling should involve sales. There's a company I know, , that has a platform built for sales team and the way they develop relationships. I've been helping them with some of their messaging and find their platform impressive. SAP, IBM and AVAY have as well.

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For smaller companies, the #NimbleCRM  is a great way to manage social sales.
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Eric Webb

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Chasing your tail 2.0. Now here's the new way animals can chase their own tail. It's fun, mysterious and doesn't cause them to whirl around so fast that they break stuff. Introducing the Doggy Tail Chase 2.0
Perpertual motion...
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Eric Webb

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Interesting article.
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Eric Webb

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Very good advice for all of us. I am like minded in that the young people I meet, I feel tied to because the many things they are interested in I find fascinating and enjoy learning more about. Expanding the demographics of your network can only lead to more information that you didn't know but can benefit you. Good write up Hank #hankblank
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Eric Webb

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Bravo! This blog goes right to the heart of Sales and Marketing in regards to any integrated marketing campaign; social media just offers a new channel with which to integrate.
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Eric Webb

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How Elf Bowling Changed the Importance of Holiday Greetings for me

As marketers we are often asked to help choose the company holiday card that will be sent to customers and clients. Every year I receive about a dozen cards and gifts. For companies, the holiday greeting card can be a great brand reinforcement device to customers and prospects if developed well.

You can go the safe route, which most companies do, and provide a thoughtful greeting, or stretch the boundaries a little to reinforce your brand. Below are my top choices for most memorable holiday card.

* Love letter from my mistress - actually, I don't have a mistress but I did come home from work one holiday to find my wife in tears, holding a handwritten letter. She shoved it in my face and told me to explain it. It indeed was a letter from a person in love (presumably with me). As I looked at the letter holiday greeting, and turned it over there was a copy of an artist's recent print ( which I collect. What's unique about the print, other than their visual brilliance, is that there's a story handwritten in each one. The agent at the gallery had come up with the idea to send this letter out to past customers. Great idea as I bought the recent print. The one exception being my wife getting to it first.

* Seinfeld's Human Fund episode where George creates a fake charity. While not a card I received personally, I have received charitable donations in my name. But if I were the show and wanted to sell episode DVDs to consumers, that card would be great. There's a Festivus for the rest of us!

* My most memorable greeting is an electronic greeting I received from Nstorm, inc. In 1999, this gamification company developed and emailed a greeting card to prospects and clients called Elf Bowling. Santa's elves were on strike and he was going to show them what a strike meant. To this day I think about that greeting each holiday and remember Nstorm. More importantly it reinforced their brand and what they did perfectly. It had an online component with a community so you could put your score online and compete. It was funny, simple and drove the message home.

Unfortunately, most companies aren't willing to go out on a limb in such a unique way. Too bad because I smile and remember that company over 10 years later.
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Eric Webb

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Great infographic to guide you in your content creation. Content creation can be tough, but this infographic provides a map to help you determine what to write, the emotion to include, against your objective.
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Seasoned marketer with multi-industry experience from production to strategy. Father, son, brother with a creative edge and always willing to try something new.
Innovative marketing strategist with over 25 years of achievement and proven success, driving multimillion-dollar organizations to success. Whether a start up or Fortune 500 organization, I find innovative solutions that improve sales performance, positioning and corporate communications.

Professional services marketing, including technology and accounting marketing align perfectly for leveraging today's social media and web 2.0 technologies to improve relationships and accelerate sales. But you have to have an understanding of many media, both traditional and new, and sales to make it all work together.

I bring a unique understanding of all areas of marketing and sales; from strategy and positioning, to creative production and implementation, helping me work with professionals to establish programs that align to their capabilities and their prospects and clients' willingness to engage.

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