Proposed outline for this weekends occupation:
Of course all events are completely free and anything before 7 will be appropriate for all ages (we will confirm this Thursday).

Perth Cultural Center
Outside State Library of WA
Roe, Aberdeen, Beaufort and, William Street, Northbridge WA 6003
Perth, Western Australia

5:30pm - Gather
7:00pm - Begin applications for QandA panel members
7:30pm - Q&A Public Forum - hosted by Tony Serve

1:00pm - Flash Mob Action - Target: Serco
7:00pm - Viewing of documentary "The Corporation"

3:00pm - Speakers Corner
6:00pm - Bands (To Be Announced)

This outline will be voted on and anyone with new ideas will be able to add to it at the GA on Thursday 6:30pm @ Forrest Place.

I encourage everyone to come down and tell as many people about it! All activities are open to everyone, so if you have a band you would like to play (bare in mind it'll be unpaid) or if you have an idea of topic you'd like to cover in the Q&A, or you'd like to be a part of the panel, get in contact with me or any of the other occupiers. Or just come on Thursday and be a part of the meeting.

Hopefully see you guys on the weekend!

EDITTED 3:32pm 15/11 - Originally said the GA on Thursday was at 6pm, corrected to say 6:30pm.
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