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Channeling again, posting on Facebook group
Hi all! Been a long time. I've been active on Facebook, a group called Ascension Symptoms Support Group. Seems tens of thousands of us worldwide are experiencing a continual tone, humming, ringing in our ears among other symptoms. I invite you all to check ...

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Dreams of Past Lives - The Falling Cliff
I had a most profound dream last night; it's focus was on the religious practices of a group of South American people living in tall rounded mountains. I didn't know their name or even hear a language, the entire dream was in visuals and emotional states. T...

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On Hypnotism and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
This is going to seem bizarre... and it is. But, it's a true story (and a long story, give yourself some time for this one). Years ago I was living in Tucson, AZ, working for Interim Corporation. A position opened up that allowed me to move to Las Vegas so ...

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On Balance
attachment is my surfboard and freedom the ocean we can ride in style or dive back in for a swim I am but a figment of a god's imagination flowing in life and life and life, time to time reveling in the power of Just Awareness detaching labels and purifying...

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personal update
The last year and four months of been dealing with an injury, a shoulder surgery, a re-injury at physical therapy, another surgery, and also nerve issues and additional problems with my shoulder, neck, and upper arm. I would like you to "stay tuned"; even i...

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The Interconnected World: Evolution, Revolution, or Resolution?
Our way of physical life, as has been for tens of thousands of years, is beginning to be replaced by a computerized network of information. This is fully recognized by a very few people as most simply trudge along as though computerizing our lives is totall...

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draft notes pre-astral (published as is 04Oct14, from 10 days ago or so)
Buddhist Dictionary anywhen: similar to anywhere, which we can picture in our mind's eye, but a Buddha can do the same with time: anywhen. Advanced Metaphysical Ideas (feel free to skip it if it's not your thing). Long before there was a "we", when Life res...

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Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014
Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014 I'm really "out there" at the moment, in a very pure meditative (and medicated) state. I think of any random question that I've ever wondered over my life and the answers flow into me like a silent video in my astral mind (mi...

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Dual-Plane Beings and the Astral-Physical Chakra Connection
Freedom could be defined as an ability to feel any feeling and accept it's value as valid. Could humanity flourish, or even exist, in this kind of world? Can Life exist in this way? [This entry is a bit fractured and meandering; it is several parts of a muc...

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Active Gratitude, dynamic gratitude
Do we have a name for the feeling you get when you've, by choice, done something "right" and gotten a physical sense of release; when you sense the feeling of gratitude for your own good deed? Is that Pride? Fulfilment? Achievement? none of these fulfill th...
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