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While it is a bummer to see Mika Mobile turn away from Android as a platform to release their games the one thing that has really been overlooked on all the discussion is that Mika Mobile is a two person indie outfit; a couple in fact (http://appadvice.com/appnn/2009/12/apptalk-interview-with-noah-bordner-developer-of-omg-pirates-and-zombieville-usa). Their success I'm sure came as a surprise if the numbers in the linked Android Police article below are correct. Neither have a background in software development as both have animation / art backgrounds. Sure they are using Unity and one would think this does lighten the cross-platform burden, but there still are texture formats and other small quirks between GPU vendors to deal with and such. If anything in this case the burden should be on Unity to make it easier to handle the variety of hardware combinations on Android transparently. There always will be a bit more testing involved with Android.

Often in this case especially with the reasonable success of their output on iOS there simply isn't monetary necessity to put in the extra sweat to release to Android. I don't think any of the tech aspects they mentioned about Android are difficult to handle per se, but then again I have a long time software dev tech background. I love solving technical problems with the latest approaches. I geek out on this stuff, but not everyone does. I'd like to get to the point with my middleware efforts where generalists can make great games & apps without concerning themselves with the "nitty gritty" of Android. What all of the bloggers and people including all of the negative comments on the Android Police blog post don't get is that quite likely Noah & Kelli of Mika Mobile are more than happy running their operation as a lifestyle business This really explains why putting in all the extra effort for Android is undesirable. They've hit more than enough success on iOS to satisfy a good lifestyle. On the contrary any investor funded or corporate oriented mobile gaming outfit by default is pushed and required to release products to the widest market coverage possible. Android despite its popularity now is a long game. Profits in certain app categories may not be close to iOS presently, but in the future if current OS adoption trends continue this may change drastically.

So nonetheless I'm glad I got to play Zombieville on Android though I never had the time to check out Battleheart. It's a bummer Mika Mobile are leaving Android. I think they could have served themselves slightly better by just mentioning they are happy with the economics / income from iOS and that they are (quite likely) running a lifestyle business as opposed to attacking mostly inconsequential tech concerns of Android which really aren't that big of a deal.

A link to their blog announcing the departure from Android:
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