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4 years ago on this day in history.
From Pink Floyd's official FB page:
On this day in 2010, Roger Waters and David Gilmour performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, at Kiddington Hall in Oxfordshire, England. A deal was struck between Roger and David so that in return for Roger's appearance at the Benefit, David would guest in one of Roger's then-upcoming Wall shows.

PS: Notice Gilmour's guitar strap? It used to be Jimi Hendrix's

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Great to see them together. Maybe they will do it some more.
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From The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge:
On July 9, 1995, The Grateful Dead performed at Chicago’s Soldier Field. It was the last show Jerry Garcia played with his band.

19 years ago today. It just doesn't seem like its been that long.
RIP Jerry. Thanks for the music.

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I remember the day Jerry died, a bunch of people were gathering in Griffith Park in L.A. that evening.  I asked one of them what was going on and he told me the news.
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Seth Meister

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Possibly one of the most significant & historically important uploads in YouTube history has just happened.

The Music Vault group said it has spent the last two years "restoring, transferring, mixing and mastering thousands of tapes from (its) enormous archive" for this new collection. All told, there are now 13,000 videos totalling nearly 2,000 hours! Great audio too!  Bands added include: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Arethra Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, The Grateful Dead and zillions more including more contemporary bands as well. You'll find things like Bill Graham Presents, The King Biscuit Flower Hour, Woodstock and the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals, as well as the recent film holdings of indie websites Daytrotter and Paste Magazine. I love how these videos really give an insight into how the current concert experience has changed (for the most part, negatively).

I'm pretty stingy about who I subscribe to on YT but these guys got my click immediately. Check it out! H/T to +Howard Suissa for suggesting the share.
Music Vault is bringing a massive live video collection to YouTube:
When concert promoter Bill Graham died in 1991 he left behind not only a legacy as one of the most influential figures in the modern...
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Thanks for sharing! 
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Eight years ago today, the sad news that Syd Barrett had passed away spread across the internet like wildfire. Sadly, it was true.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond...Shine on!

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Love the old Syd styled Floyd.
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I'm pretty sure most pop music is recorded in this studio.

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Sure not making much great music +Seth Meister with today's generation! Have a great Monday! 
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From Pink Floyd's official FB page:
On this day in 2010, Roger Waters and David Gilmour performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, at Kiddington Hall in Oxfordshire, England. A deal was struck between Roger and David so that in return for Roger's appearance at the Benefit, David would guest in one of Roger's then-upcoming Wall shows.

PS: Notice Gilmour's guitar strap? It used to be Jimi Hendrix's

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Loved floyd with waters. Love floyd with out waters. Ether way pink floyd is one of the best bands ever and my personal favourite..
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Seth Meister

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Remember this album...ahhhh...the innocent 80's!

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9th July 1983 ..."Every Breath You Take" #1

The Police started an eight week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Every Breath You Take' also No.1 in the UK. Taken from the bands album Synchronicity, Sting won Song of the Year and The Police won Best Pop Performance for the song at the 1984 Grammy Awards.
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I can hear the riff just by looking at the album cover!
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Seth Meister

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LOL! This is a list of the 25 worst rock songs ever to make it to #1. The team that compiled this list stayed away from Nickelback so as to give them a challenge. What song do you think should be on the list?

BTW, take the list with a grain of salt as there are some good artists (with some bad songs) on it.

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Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
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25 just isn't enough. Some of these songs should have been on the list twice for sucking so hard.
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What?? Is this true? Pink Floyd to release first new album in over 20 years called The Endless River...please be a tour with Roger Waters on bass.

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David Gilmour readies the band's first new release in 20 years.
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read this: they just "polish" the unreleased Division Bell stuff:
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Seth Meister

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Elvis' last concert...
26th June 1977 :

Elvis Presley performs what would be his last concert, performing at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN for a crowd of 18,000. Although Elvis appears pale, weak, and overweight, as he had with increasing regularity, there is nothing to suggest his impending death -- indeed, there is nothing unusual about this show on the tour, except that Elvis for some reason introduces practically everyone from his life while on stage. Some take this as "proof" Elvis knew he was in his final days; others maintain that he was worried about the imminent publication of Elvis: What Happened?, a tell-all biography by former bodyguards Sonny and Red West that publicly broke the story of his drug abuse, and what those revelations might do to his image. The last song he performs from the stage is "Can't Help Falling In Love." Footage of the final concert is taken but has not been widely seen since; the audio portion can be heard on the LP The Last Farewell (released on CD as Adios: The Final Performance, A.J. Records CD 92-2002). Presley's father, Vernon, will pass away two years later to the day.
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So sad, I personally feel if they hadn't been pushing him so hard with his touring he might have still been with us. But alas, like all the greats from this generation thier calling was way to son.
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Seth Meister

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Check out this guitar +Peter Lindelauf found in Victoria! Weird. Sure would be nice to know the story behind it.
Beachcombing in Victoria, BC

So, my friend Paul -- an amazing musician -- found this scorched Gibson Les Paul washed up on the beach. Figured it was some kind of Viking funeral rite. He gave it to the kid with the tattoos. Sure beats finding a dismembered foot in a running shoe. Been a number of those in the past few years. Here's Les Paul on a Les Paul.

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That's rather dark David Archer. 
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