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First Birthday Cake Smash & Sprinkles: Paper Flower Party Decor
Our precious baby girl turns one today and I'm sharing some wonderful product photos by Heather Booysen of Heather Booysen Photography of our set up.   You can order a chalkboard like this here! 

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You know what keeps me from posting on my blog? Someone else's vision of success.
You know what keeps me from posting on my blog? I think that everything I say has to fit into a "strategic vision" for my brand and if my thoughts don't fit somehow related to paper flowers, weddings or parties, then it doesn't have a space here to be share...

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Happy Valentine's Day! His unqualified love for imperfect me.
“It amazes me what this little girl will crawl over and
through to get to you” my husband chuckled as my eight month old daughter made
her way to me across the field of toss pillows, laundry baskets, and dining
room chairs. A sweet thought, but my heart san...

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Free Printable: Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
A long, long, LONG time ago I made this printable for the gallery wall in our bedroom since I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of this song. I put it up in my Etsy shop but then took it down as I realized I shouldn't (can't) sell lyrics that...

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An Ideal Customer? Find confidence in YOU.
I've heard this thrown around a lot but never thought it applied to me. I thought it applied to photographers or wedding planners booking their ideal client that matched their brand and dream image. I haven't been worrying about an ideal customer at all. I ...

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Ice Cream Birthday Party - Mini Chalkboard Signs and Paper Flower Decor
While late adding these (like seriously at least over a year...), it doesn't make this precious party any less sweet! Jennie Tewell of Jennie Tewell Photography   put together a dreamy ice cream birthday party shoot that involved over fifty talented vendors...

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2016 Word of the Year: Intention
While I originally intended to publish this post on the first of the year...stuff happens, aka other posts I wrote and instead of following my rule of adding them to my schedule I just published immediately. It's a work in progres..... My "word of the year"...

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Creative at Heart Birthday Bash: Photos and Reflection. You are definitely good enough.
On one of the first days of January, a fellow creative friend and I headed out to Richmond for the Creative at Heart Birthday Bash. This was an event celebrating one year of the Creative at Heart Conference, a conference that provides education and inspirat...

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Rebranding: who we're working with & how we knew it was time! + Questions to think through if you're considering rebranding.
Up to this point in my business I thought I had to be good (read - perfect) at everything. This shop helps support us while my husband is in school and therefore I haven't had much of a budget to invest back into growing my business. Because of this, I have...

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Don't worry I'm still here. I can't think of a title. This is a post about blogging in 2016.
One thing I pride myself on is the consistency of this blog. Hilarious. My little piece of the internet went from a wedding planning journal to a DIY paper flower wall series. It detailed my journey in trying to become a pinterest home maker (don't remember...
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