[It appears that Google has figured out that "survived the rejection system" is not the same as verified. Some of the people verified yesterday are no longer verified.]

Friday night +Natalie Villalobos announced that Google was now rolling out verified accounts. She said, they would initially be using it for "verifying public figures, celebrities, and people who have been added to a large number of Circles".

Once again, what Google+ says and what Google+ does are two very different things.

People keep popping up in my stream startled because they've just discovered that their account has been verified. Not public figures. Not celebrities. Not people added to lots of circles. So far what they seem to have in common is that they previously were flagged for having an invalid name, and Google approved their change. Ironically, this means that people are being verified who not only aren't using their real name, they aren't using their common pseudonym either! Google is marking people as verified who made up a name to get around the Google+ name restrictions.

Whether you are a fan of real names or not, this makes a complete farce of the entire "verified name" concept. I'm at a loss at how to explain this. Is this an attempt to make sure that someone doesn't get flagged for having a non-legal name twice? Does Google actually believe that their verification process works? I have no idea.

All I know for sure is that this all keeps getting more and more surreal.

Adding a link to documentation on Verified Names.
It does say that having been verified on Knol (old product Google had) will result in automatic verification. That apparently applies to some but not all of the cases. It also says they will manually reach out to people, which is also not happened in these cases.
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