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Amy Smith
Believer, Wife, Mom to 4, 8th grade English teacher. Blessed.
Believer, Wife, Mom to 4, 8th grade English teacher. Blessed.


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What can I do? How reading can overpower a bully.
Today I was compelled to write after reading a Facebook post about a young lady who committed suicide because she was bullied. It ended, "In lieu of donations, be kind to another person." In my heart I'm still hoping that it's a hypothetical situation.  Som...

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Amy Smith commented on a post on Blogger.
I had the same reaction to the topic; however, I realize that I do encourage competition -- with strong scaffolding alongside the learners.  I think we can work together as a community to do amazing things and compete with ourselves to grow as learners.  Thank you for sharing!

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I think I've started this blog one hundred times -- examined one hundred different perspectives -- considered one hundred different approaches, and it basically comes down to this. How can we effectively use competition in a classroom to encourage student l...

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A word for 2017 -- authentic
That's my word for 2017. I've tried out a few -- and this one fits.  Therefore, it's the word I chose to concentrate on this year. It's not a new concept.  Being genuine is important to me.  I see myself as someone you can count on, someone who tells the tr...

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The start of a new year - breaking the ice.
Tomorrow is the official start of the 2015-2016 school year.  Right now, at this unique moment, anything is possible this year -- all goals are within our grasp.  With the right mindset, the potential is astounding. There are many small things that I do dur...

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Thank you to @MuellerHolly for opening up her blog every Thursday to link up our #spiritualjourney posts.  I appreciate the offerings of everyone as it provides me a much needed dose of perspective.  I'm grateful for all who link, write, read, and comment. ...

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Leaving a Legacy
Thanks to @MuellerHolly for creating a space for reflection on our spiritual journey each week.  This week's topic came from @dashthebook about leaving a legacy.  Feel free to read and enjoy our musings on Holly's blog (

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A moment of silence.
One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a moment of silence.  I'm blessed that the state of Tennessee requires this, and I'm blessed by administrators who give the full minute every day. I try to use the time wisely - to put aside all that needs to...

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End of the year musings
Well, another end of the school year has come and gone . . . The room is packed up tight, desks stacked in the corner, chairs tower over them.  My workspace is wiped clean - no papers, no clips, no books scattered about.  The plants are gone, the printer si...

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Finding Adventure
Adventure calls us.  It lurks around the corner.  It whispers in an ear.  Sometimes it's giant and yells at us through a megaphone.  Other times it's quiet and sits waiting to be noticed.  Then there is the adventure that nags at us, trying to engage, stop,...
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