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Justin Renfro
Technology Enthusiast and Positivity Guru
Technology Enthusiast and Positivity Guru

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Why I Love Bernie Sanders
Over the past six months I’ve been more and more excited by
the vision that Bernie Sanders has for our country.  I’ve never been so inspired by any public
figure and I feel compelled to explain why.  If I could break it down to three core categories, they’d...

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Recently I have been struggling with coming up with posts
for the Mr. Chris website.   I have been
constantly working on my “Brand”, whether it is the typography I put on my
website, the photos that I take, or simply what I wear and do on a day-to-day

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~ For My Family ~
I am so blessed.   It
all comes back to the birth lottery for me, that one day on September 2 nd 1992 when I hit the jackpot.   You. Guys.
Are. Awesome.   In recent times, I’ve
never had so many meaningful and productive conversations with you guys.   And I...

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From nest to sky – the story of the Eagle
“Let me spread my wings and
fly”.  This is a quote I gave to my
parents before we decided as a family that I was going to volunteer abroad for
three months.  I have felt like a baby in
a nest, waiting for the moment to fly.  Sure,
I went to college; I jumpe...

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Watch Out for the Burn Out
I have received many messages from
friends and family recently; “You should fix your sleep
schedule” “Hey, what you’re doing is awesome,
but I’m worried you’re not experiencing your surroundings as much as you should
be while you’re abroad” Quick note on th...

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Rock Structures
Balance. Peace. Power. Art.   So… let’s talk about rock structures.   You know, when people find peace in stacking rocks on top of each other,
adding a level of balance to their life with every rock they stack on.   I’ve made a lot of these rock structures ...

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My Declaration, But Whose Independence?
Today, I want to note something
that has been known to be at the absolute core of the “American Heart”.   So, let me start by quoting a group of
brilliant men through the context of myself. “When in the Course of human
events, it becomes necessary for one p...

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Hypothesis on the Solo-Traveler Personality Test
Through my travels I have found it is incredibly easy to
make friends with other travelers in my hostels, traveling on local transport,
on trains, on busses, etc.   It made me
question my travels; why is everyone so friendly; why do all of these people

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Helpless Motivation...
So here I was, on my hands and knees crying on the corner of
a busy intersection in Bangkok—alone.   I
had my phone, 20 Baht (75 cents) and less than $10 in my bank account.   I hardly had enough money to buy one meal of
street food. Never have I been in so...

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Sorry, Ocean
So for a second, lets think about an Oreo Mc flurry.   They’re so good—you take a bite and it just
BLOWS YOUR MIND.   Some people don’t like
them, but those people are weird.   But a
lot of people do.   Now, I would like to
relate an Oreo Milkshake to the o...
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