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Connecting my Nexus 5x with my Chromebook Toshiba via bluetooth is not working. I would like to know if you experienced the same problem. I had exactly the same issue with my Nexus 5 so I think the problem is coming from the phone. I can pair the Chromebook and the device but there is no connection. I did a power wash on the Chromebook without result. I disconnected then reconnected the phone without result too.
Any idea to help?

I am a real estate agent and yesterday, I tried to work only on my Chromebook to see if it can replace Windows with Chromebook.
So, I filled out a 13 pages contract using ZipFormPlus. Then, I tried to put the yellow marks where the client should sign. It worked well for 6 pages but for the remaining pages, I was not able to complete the job because only half of the page was showing up. The browser couldn't download the rest of the page.
ZipForm users, do you experience the same problem?

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Hi folks,
I use a Toshiba Chromebook and would like to switch my main computer to Chromebook too. For that, I am waiting for three apps that I use every day:
- an app that allows to use a flat scanner with a Chromebook
- a clipboard. I use FlashPaste ( and find this windows app extremely useful to store and paste with one click sentences, script, signature and all the texts I use frequently.
- a password manager.

I think the passwords app will not be a problem but the two others apps are not available as I know. Am I right?

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Hi folks
I use Keep to save a picture of all my CB receipts and then delete them after 2 month.
I desperately try to select several notes at a time, but cannot figure out how to do that Any ideas?
Thank you

As Chromebooks are getting more and more popular here in USA, I wonder if you plan to create a passwords manager for this operaing system. I have enough of Windows that takes forever to fire up and needs to be cleaned up every year. I am ready to switch but needs a good Passwords Manager. Thanks

I just received my brand new Toshiba Chromebook 2 and found out 2 problems:
1) If I want to lock the screen, I have to enter my Google password. I would like to be able to choose my password. My Google password is long and I cannot memorize it. I need to set up a short password, like a PIN code. Do you know if it is possible?
2) Tethering with my android phone is not working either with USB or bluetooth. I am currently struggling to find why. Any thoughts?

Evernote Clipper
I use Evernote Clipper with Firefox 20.0.1 and set up a master password for all the pages that need a password to open. It works well except for Evernote Clipper. When I click on the Clipper icone, the program asks me to enter my username and password every time I want to clip a web page. I also click on ""Remùember me" but this doesn't change anything. Do you have the same problem with the EN Clipper?

I like the search function on the desktop, but it is useless on my Android. I have a note called "Sauce Béchamel" If I enter Béchamel, nothing comes up. Same thing if I enter Sauce. In the filter, "All notebooks" is checked, "all Tags" and in "Other", everything is checked. Any idea?
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