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See the change you want, live the life you deserve!
See the change you want, live the life you deserve!

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I was at Target getting some things for Sophia. I overheard some grandparents arguing in the diaper aisle. Grandma wanted to just go ahead and buy a package and return it later if it wasn’t right. Grandpa wanted to send pictures and wait for a response and go home with none, and return to get the right ones.

I skipped their aisle, went down a different one, and determined to leave well enough alone. Their disagreement continued and got more heated. The parents of the newborn at home were not responding to the texts. Go figure.

I asked: Would it be best for me to leave them alone or to intervene?

I immediately got the whole picture of them going home, without diapers, angry with each other, new parents not having diapers, grandparent going back, and all the out-put of energy that would involve.

So, I walked up to them and asked: Would you like some tips from a new mom? They said, Yes, we would!”

Then they said that they were looking for “Hippie diapers.”

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Loving doesn’t mean being a doormat. It doesn’t mean tolerating. It doesn’t mean staying.

Love means finding peace inside, knowing our function, and giving up our rage. Even in the face of the worst injustices, we find that place of truth inside that whispers:

We are (all of us!) innocent. We are either being love or a call for love. It is safe to love. 

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Upgrading our lives, allowing ourselves to have what we love, eliminating junk, and stopping tolerating clutter creates a new level of awareness, new choices, and a new level of havingness in our world that is absolutely transformational.

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So, I’ve learned that the KEY to thriving in life is paying attention to what we crave. Our cravings are there- often gnawing at us annoyingly until we give in, or just below the surface, semi-conscious, luring us ever closer.

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Make no mistake about it. This gathering, this march, this showing up for one another in the largest demonstration in human history will have consequences beyond what any of us could possibly know.

This, regardless of what people say, is FAR beyond being about any labels. This wasn't anti-Trump. It wasn't liberal. It wasn't American. It wasn't Democrats.

This was us.

Women. Men. Nope. Not even. This was beyond the labels they still try to cast upon us to label and understand.

The awakened ones, the conscious ones, the loving ones who see ourselves as star beings and infinite consciousness + light- they can't know us, label us, predict us or define us.

Man or woman are labels that no longer fit. That's why they're so afraid. Gay marriage. Transgender. If you and I are so fluid, how can they control us? How can they predict our moves + entice us to buy?

No, this was not what they say it was. And any label or attempt to define it, will miss the mark. Even what I say here to you today, can't contain the magic, the mystery, the love, the joining.

This, my friends, this was us. This was a spiritual, energetic, soulful, loving call to gather and say we, the united, we, beyond your label of country, sex, race, creed- this was a demonstration, a revelation, a unification to say- make no mistake- you think we'll stand for your walls? You think we'll stand for condemning our brothers + sisters? You think you can sexually harass and assault our sisters, mothers + daughters?

You shall think again.

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After years of growing my business, I’m finally hosting my first ever webinar. I’m so excited to share this with you!

I’m teaching 4 simple steps to heal yourself + have better boundaries. We’ll also talk about why we have boundary issues, the different types of boundary issues, and how we can repair them so that we can manifest the life of our dreams!

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What would you create this year if you new you couldn’t fail? What would you desire if you actually let yourself get real & create goals from a place of anything is possible?

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Every child needs as much mature love as you can give.

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