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Watching the world miss its reflection
Watching the world miss its reflection

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Milo Controversy --

I have watched several of the clips now that are controversial.

I am an apologist I guess. In no case did he actually say anything wrong. He is trying to point at the gray area of life.

The Joe Rogan clip about pedophilia WAS NOT about pedophilia, it was about cultural conditioning and how different cultures see things differently.

The discussion about sexual assault (grabbing breasts, genitalia, etc) was not condoning it, it was pointing to the more potent solution. If someone touches you inappropriately on campus you turn and say "GTF AWAY FROM ME!"

The attempt to say "it is not a big deal" is solely pointing to the non litigious angle of solutions.

A small frackus is not grounds for incarceration. It is a place where we potentially look the other way. Man grabs boob, women knees him in nuts, game over, move on.

Man starts calling another man a wuss, pussy, what not, continues to poke at him until the other man retaliates. I look the other way. The first man was well into the danger zone. He went beyond asking for it.

But this comes down to "feelings" of "right" and "wrong".

We have generations of people running around pushing the edges to get their way. Most of us back up and avoid them (and just about every SJW is a them). Right now the SJW are sort of winning. They just won another round with Milo..

Milo might be able to recover.

He is not saying what the CPAC thinks he said.

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The girls on the receiving end of these pitches are girls closer to achieving the feminisn ideal than most of the people are outwardly feminist.

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I was hoping for truly incendiary headlines. What I find though are headlines attempting to point to reality in a world where no one can consider reality anymore.

1. I have engaged in this solution: I no longer run around facebook. I got tired o it and turned it off.

2. Not sure...

3. "Bruce Jenner Billboard" -- Committing is a serious thing. Not committing means you aren't committing. There are consequences to decisions...

4. Attempting to explain that there are consequences to decisions is hard. Men and women are different. Smoothing out the differences doesn't always make things better.

5. "Suck it up Buttercup" -- once again, wake up to the consequences of life. Life doesn't give a flying F about your rights. If you run around slapping people, don't be surprised if they stop hanging around you.

6. "Confederate Flag" -- Yes slavery was wrong. The confederate flag though doesn't necessarily mean KKK. Even the KKK doesn't necessarily mean KKK. Apparently there was a movement of folks in the UK who started wearing Swastikas. It was not because they were Nazis, it is because they were rebelling against the consensus. Once again, life sucks.

7. "Feminist or cancer" -- I will let women do any job, any activity, make any decision they want to make. I fully believe in equal rights. There are places though where I am going to say "EQUAL MEANS EQUAL". The qual says "do 50 pull ups" -- go over there and do 50 pull ups. If this is a qual for being a programmer, I will stop it. If it is a qual to be a US Seal, Marine, or some other highly physical, highly dangerous profession, DO THE DAMN PULL UPS and every other demeaning activity those grunts have to do. Realize also that no matter what having a man and a woman together (who are cis...'regular') does change the nature of the group.

8. "Gay Rights make us Dumber". I don't think they should go back in the closet, but they should wake up and comprehend that the greatest threat they have right now is themselves.

9. Fat shaming is a little inflammatory, but not by much.

10. In tech, the training started 20 years ago. When I was in college (graduated in '92), 30 years after "Hidden Numbers" happened, there was every incentive for women to be in STEM. My wife started in engineering. She left after a year. STEM is not limited to men, but the men who do it well were not in the mainstream in high school and college.

If you are offended when I say "Everything I need to do my job I learned in Pre-School" (Web pages, Web Servers, Data analysis, engineering), you need to inspect why you are offended and back up. The number 1 skill I use is "Connect the dots".

The people who find these articles offensive need to take a long look in the mirror. They might have slightly shocking subjects, but the intent is to try and point at what cannot be pointed at. If you are a 5 ft 120lb woman and you have to move a 10ft 400 lb chunk of tree, is it going to be easier for you to move than a 300 lb man?

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There are products in this world that are not scams. Toe nail clippers typically aren't a scam unless you take into account how easy it is for them to go missing.

Even soap borders on scam. Sacajawea used nothing but pebble to keep her hair looking fabulous.

This is not to defend the folks at Western Union. When fake documents show up at a person's house. That person deposits them in their bank. The bank acknowledged that funds immediately (by law), a withdrawal is made against those funds and is handed to western union, yes we are well into the realm of SCAM beyond a shadow of a doubt. Shutting down such a scam is a little more difficult, for the exact same reason banking rules made it a little easier. Once upon a time, BofA would accept a deposit and not release the funds for ages (ages being defined here is more than a week). The rule to release funds immediately likely came about as a result of this.

Until you have walked through one of these scams, you are likely not to see it coming. This same scam is done all over the place. My boss received an inquiry to rent one of his rentals for a moderately long duration. A flag was raised when the rental would be paid for by a check from the company. The check could only be written in units over $x thousand. Could my boss send back the difference???

It is just making change.. Right!

How do you set up system to slam phones? Find phones to slam, push the numbers into a system, then create text acknowledgements that actually go to the customer. The scammer "guesses" the approval number and plugs it into the system. If you have a bank of phone dialers, you can just do that automatically. A 0.1% conversion rate can pay for itself... WIth VOIP dialers, the system becomes even cheaper and even harder to find. One AWS node in the cloud dials and completes the process. Funds drain through blinds (the first of which is Verizon, ATT, and Sprint). The majors take their 30% cut. The intermediaries take their 30 and the last part goes to the drones (the people doing the actual scamming). The first 2 layers have plausible deniability.

The Slam scam is cut short by a simple call to the top tier to say "Remove this charge!" ("Simple" may be the wrong word. "Patient" may be a little better). The Western Union scam gets cut short by not making large change.

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I might not get along with this guy on some things, but he gets a big high 5 for this. 

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I read this title and thought he tried to inhale marijuana.

I was a little disappointed. 

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The discussion of the bullet proof vest problem is humorous.

In "Starship Trooper", Heinlein suggested that the Army has two sizes -- "Too big" and "too Small".

Armor has been challenging since the day someone decided that stiff leather might help defend their body a little better than bare skin. Get a fashion designer into the engineering lab where they can help the engineers learn how to cut material. The Madonna cones happened for a reason. I don't think it was harassment.

That doesn't mean that it wasn't harassment. It is that just when you push the edges of design (and making a vest that stops a bullet is pushing the edge), boundary conditions become more and more important. Kevlar is magical, but it isn't that magical.

Get the fashion designer involved. Expect the vest to cost 3 times as much. That fashion designer wants to get paid. The manufacture of that vest is going to be custom for every woman. Kevlar is not lace. Kevlar is not satin. Maybe the market is big enough for he manufacturers of vests to have the full range of cup sizes.

On the good side, I can now buy size 15 shoes without lots of money or effort, but that is because there are lots of size 15 shoe people out there. I don't have the full range of choices. The stores mark them for me so I can find them.

There are two paths for the woman in the story. 1. Start up a line of uniforms that fit women. 2. Have her clothes custom made.

It sucks. It is not fair.

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VidAngel has been a blessing.

We were able to watch the Christmas Shows my wife has been missing. The only catch is that you have to enable a filter. It is quite entertaining to look at the filters you have to choose from. You have to enable at least one filter. I find the least annoying one and select it.

I suspect the "filters" let them dance around the game.

The first time you order a movie it will charge you $20. This buys the movie. After you are done watching, you sell it back for either $18 or $19 (depending on HD or SD)

The next time you order you also pay $20 for the movie, but you have a $19 credit, so they just charge you the difference.

This seems to fill the gap between Outright buying a movie on Amazon and not being able to find a movie on Netflix. There are movies you can rent on Amazon, but you can't rent them all. There is just a lack of movies these days on Netflix. I will be going here for the forseeable future to solve that.. $1 or $2 is in that zone easy decisions.

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