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Ambulance To Mongolia
The Mongol Rally 2012
The Mongol Rally 2012


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Absolutely amazing video of Astana - Capital of my country Kazakhstan.

I respect kazakh people for their love to traditions of ancient beautiful eastern culture and their hospitality.

Dozens of nations are living on one land happily together. It's so unique. All religions and traditions are treated with deep respect there. Mixed marriages ave very common and kids are so beautiful!!! 

I believe Kazakhstan should be an example of peace and tolerance for for all other countries. 

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Kyrgyzstan listed as the world's 3rd hottest travel destination in 2013.
Top 10 travel destinations for 2013

#3 is Kyrgyzstan! :)

- very remote, culturally intact has now "opened" (no visa needed for 44 more countries)
- nomadic culture
- hiking sceneries
- surprisingly professional tourism infrastructure
- some places bring you back in time to see Soviet times

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I always believed that Georgia is a country where hospitality is one of the top  traits of the nation, I'm so glad that this survey proves it !
Have you ever been in Georgia? What do you think? 

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Follow +Rico Pajarola on his new adventures on a motorcycle through the Siberian winter:

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"The Republic of Georgia is one of the world's most fascinating up-and-coming culinary destinations. The tiny country's cuisine is influenced by its geography, resulting in a remarkable combination of Middle Eastern and Eastern European flavors. In Tbilisi you'll fall in love with khachapuri, a pizza-like flatbread stuffed with molten cheese. Other traditional foods include meaty soup dumplings, cilantro-spiked red beans, thick buffalo yogurt and unleavened bread cooked over hot coals. And then there's the wine; Georgia invented it." 

We just sent 17,987.29 NOK to the NPA in support of their efforts to clear land mines. This is money that you all donated through us, so on behalf of the NPA we say: Thank you!

(Yes, it takes this long to get all things sorted out after finishing a project like this …)

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Back home again, after two months on the road. +Ambulance To Mongolia

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Victory Cigars in Ulan Bator!
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