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Autosolo, it's the new thing....
Today we were mostly doing Autosolo with the Eastern
Counties Motor Club at Wethersfield. A good time had by all over the 4 tests.
Martin and Robbie both drove and it all got quite competitive! We may have
picked up a little bit of cone rash this time thoug...

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Japfest Rockingham
Just back from a great day at Japfest Rock with the MX-5
Owners Club where there were lots and lots of MX-5s, funny that, they seem quite popular. Project Merlot even featured in the official photos and had a visit from the Flux Babes!

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MX-5 Owners Club National Rally 2016
2 October Sitting pretty on the MX-5 Owners Club | Eastern Region
stand at the Donington National Rally. Apparently Vicki Butler Henderson
passed by earlier in the day and admired the "kiss" on Merlot's wing,
we thought it was a big dent, but hey, who are w...

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Merlot on Show, again.....
We've been lucky enough to do a few shows over the years and the latest was
taking part in a display at EMG Mazda Cambridge showcasing the diverse range of
uses of an MX-5 during their RF launch weekend. We represented the track car,
what else could we do, ...

Stuff and that

Spring springing....

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And then the sun came out...

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The Strange Case of the Weird Noise.!
It had been going on for a long while, you know the sort of thing, that annoying noise, the one no one quite seems to know exactly the cause of, the noise that could result in much dismantling and greasing etc. and still be there. So it was with this noise,...

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Blyton or bust!
So it came to pass that the MX-5 Owners Club annual Blyton track weekend came around again, and of course we were there. Where else would we be?  Wait for it.... Go........

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MX-5 OC National Rally 2016
Project Merlot goes jousting at the National Rally at Kelmarsh Hall! Well, you had to be there really..
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