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The boss receives way too many emails. I set lots of rules in Outlook. Some of the emails are marked as read immediately. The boss might want to review later, but when viewing the number of unread items, the number is less intimidating.  Some of the emails from key executives are auto-forwarded to me so that I may verbally say - did you see the email about x from your boss?  Does anyone else out there use rules to minimize inbox clutter?

What makes a top notch admin? It's the little things we do.

For bosses who need a little help getting from one meeting to the next, my best investment was a timer from the dollar store. I set the alarm to buzz 5 minutes before the next meeting. That way no matter what I'm focused on, I won't forget to go into the office and remind the boss of the next meeting.  I've known other admins to use the timer on the phone, but I prefer the one from the dollar store!!!

We have a policy that employees take either 1/2 day or a whole day for personal leave.  One of the employees decided to charge 3.25 hours to personal leave and was very irritated that s/he had to change it to 4 hours.  I find that interesting since s/he's been employed here the longest and should have this policy memorized.  Some people!

Is there anything about the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" that you relate to? I remember the scene when her father says, 'What does she want you to do, call in the National Guard?" Hmmm, been there and thought that.

I've made it a practice to value my work and actually save samples of everything. Does anyone else do this? Never know when you will be in the job hunt. You remember you had x responsibility say 8 years ago, but can no longer remember what that means. If you keep some samples electronically, it will help jar your memory when it is time for the interview.

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