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The time is right to mix sentences with dirt and the sun with punctuation and the rain with verbs, and for worms to pass through question marks, and the stars to shine down on budding nouns, and the dew to form on paragraphs.
The time is right to mix sentences with dirt and the sun with punctuation and the rain with verbs, and for worms to pass through question marks, and the stars to shine down on budding nouns, and the dew to form on paragraphs.


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The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health
Humans experience an array of emotions, anything from happiness, to sadness to extreme joy and depression. Each one of these emotions creates a different feeling within the body. After all, our body releases different chemicals when we experience various th...

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In February of 2014, my friend Trisha Harrison and I will be traveling to South America to donate our time to an incredible non-profit organization located in Peru!!! We plan to spend time living and working with local people at the Amazon Animal Orphanage/ Pilpintuwasi, an organization that takes in animals who have been mistreated, orphaned or adopted at a young age by tourists, only to be dumped at the Orphanage or by the side of the road.

***100% of the proceeds will go directly to the animals food supply, health and wellness!!!

This Orphanage REALLY needs financial help so that they can keep their doors open to all the animals in need and provide them proper nourishment, rehabilitation and safe enclosures! EVEN $1 will help feed a couple animals for a day!!!! DON'T BE SHY IT WON'T HURT WE PROMISE!!!

During our stay we would like to contribute not only our brains and brawn but also a much needed $donation to the orphanage, and so, we are calling upon our family, friends and friends of friends to help us, help them...THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE !!!!!!!!


This beautiful animal orphanage and sanctuary in Peru takes in animals who have been mis treated, orphaned or adopted at a young age by humans/tourists only to be dumped at the animal orphanage or on the side of the road.
This Orphanage is supported mostly by volunteers and owner, Gudrun Speerer, who raises the money for these animals by allowing tourists in to visit the animals and taking a second job teaching at a university. Unfortunately, as soon as the Orphanage received official sanction as a custody center they began receiving more parrots, reptiles and monkeys but no funding from the government. There is a big need for a feline rescue centre in the Amazon. The Orphanage has been contacted by at least a dozen people who want to give them Ocelots but without the space and money for new enclosures it is hard to accept every animal. Despite the costs and lack of space, Gudrun's heart is too big to turn animals away. She needs help. 

Many people buy baby animals because they are so cute—mostly ocelots and wooly monkeys—and after a few weeks or months, they don't know how to care for them, do not have sufficient space, have lost interest, and/or don't have the funds to maintain these exotic creatures.

Each of these animals need food and sometimes medicine or veterinary care. The Orphanage has covered the cost of providing nourishment and care until now, however, as the Orphanage grows, expenses will need to be covered through the generosity of people like you... 


Here is the breakdown for all of you who would like to know exactly how much money it takes to keep these beautiful animals alive. 

-The whole sanctuary costs $10,000 a year to run, which seems cheap but in Peruvian terms its quite an expense. This does not include any expenses for pedro, our jaguar and the most expensive resident.

-The jaguar, Pedro eats 9lbs of meat a day, which costs about $15 US. His cage cost us $10,000 to build but luckily we had this money donated from a very nice visitor when he arrived 8 years ago.

-The anteaters, of which we have a new baby and older one, need 4 ampules of Vit K ,250gs of Taurine, and Protein powder in high quantities daily, plus these little guys need walkers each day as they eat up to 3000 ants a day so they are walked in the jungle for 8hours a day so they can find ants themselves, this not only gives them their food but also encourages natural behaviour. The man who walks them gets 20 soles a day. The total for meds and the 2 walkers means an expense of about 40-50 Soles per day!!! About 25 US$ for each anteater

-The ocelot eats for about 7 Soles per day, which is about $3 US
We have 2 coaties, each get about $2-3 of food each, both also get worms and fish that volunteers catch

-The sloths get vitamin K and every now and then Taurine, their food expense if minimal as it is collected from the jungle, so they eat for about $2 each for day (this includes vitamins)

-The toucans cannot eat bananas as it would be very bad for their liver, so we have to buy loads of Papaya and other fruits and nuts for them-a daily expense of about 5 Soles for both, $2.

-Our little red Uakaris and also the big ones get cereal products on a daily base and peanuts, brasilnuts, fruit and mealworms, and pecans as a treat. I estimate about 6-8 (about $3) Soles per day per monkey ,depending on age-the younger the more expensive, as the big ones find enough food roaming free.

-The pygmy marmosets eat worms and other insects and tree sap, we have 8 and they cost a total of about $3 a day as we breed our own meal worms and collect the tree sap.

-The capucins of which we have 3 eat anything from nuts and fruit to insects. They cost about $2 each per day on food, but also take up a lot of volunteer time in terms of enrichment.

-The 2 tamarins eat about $3 of food combined together as they collect a lot of insects themselves and eat mealworms, nuts and some fruit.

-Our birds cost about $5 a day combined living on a diet of fruit, nuts and seeds.

-We also feed most of our animals cookies, which are purchased and made up by volunteers with bananas. These cost about $6 a week for all animals

-The costs of cages are very different as it depends on the size and most of all on the material.The mesh for the new cage for the toucans cost 400 Soles, about $150, as well as the mesh you need nails and wire and we had to buy some wooden posts. This puts total cage costs for an average cage to about $250
This doesnt include the labour which costs about 500 soles, about $200, putting the cage cost to $450.
If we´d need another strong cage for the ocelot or another strong animal this costs 1000's


Kim Roos & Trisha Harrison

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i like dis guy
SHUCK AND JIVE Corn industry fights back over my depiction of corn’s role in the Gulf dead zone BY Tom Philpott 9 AUG 2010 4:00 AM Last Thursday, a writer on a blog funded by the National Corn Growers Association excoriated me for my post on the Gulf of Mex...

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the only vinegar that does NOT ferment in yo GUT

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Cancer Cells Use Fructose to Grow: Don't Blame Us, Says Corn Lobby
Posted by David W Freeman August 4, 2010 10:50 AM (CBS) Afraid of fructose? You may have good reason to be, as an alarming new study shows that the popular sweetener can fuel the growth of cancer. The study, conducted by scientists at UCLA, found that pancr...

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Compliments of the OG
NUTRITION BENEFITS OF PEACH AND GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPES Read more: Green Smoothie Blog-Victoria Boutenko Whooo Hooo it’s peach season!!! Our farmers market has stalls selling boxes of discounted peaches because they don’t look beautiful. I buy a box, then p...

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Compliments of Judita
Read more: Raw Judita My husband wrote a really funny story about tooth health for the Long Beach District Weekly. Unfortunately, they folded this week so the story is on his music/photography blo g. It delights me to no end that he has gotten so into healt...

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Fix the Farm, Not the Salmon <br />By Paul Greenberg  <br />07|22|10<br /><br /><a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="
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