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Randi Rogue
Adorkable! With publications coming out in fall 2011.
Adorkable! With publications coming out in fall 2011.


So, I've found a nice way to significantly reduce a few issues with regards to editing "B."

1) Decadent Husband's bias. He has great taste in books. I want that plied to my writing with as little bias towards keeping me happy as possible.
2) My own penchant of self-doubt that could cause me to edit something to death.
3) My own attachment to parts of a story I've written that may not be quite as great or merely as relevant/important in that particular moment as I think they are.

Decadent Husband reads each chapter out loud to me. We both make edit-comments along the way, but I cannot implement anything beyond the most basic of changes (typos, grammar/punctuation/spelling errors, etc.). I will address the bigger notes AFTER we've gotten through a full first pass.

Issue Reduction:
1) Decadentt's much harder for him to disguise his bias for very long while reading aloud. If the pacing trips him up, it becomes apparent. If a phrasing confuses him, it's apparent. If he likes something, it's apparent. If the pacing is just as I'd intended, it's apparent. This is so much better than just when I read it aloud.
2) My self-doubt is alleviated to a remarkable degree by seeing and hearing instant his reactions as he reads. This is first-hand. He doesn't have time to rephrase to be nice. I sometimes get cranky at what he says, but I still HEAR it because I SEE it. I make him make the note for me to revisit when we are done so that I can have the weight of "what works well" to balance those superficial (perhaps even faux) feelings of rejection over "what doesn't work well." I can revisit them with a clearer head, with distance from them, with a more clinical eye towards the story as a whole. And I know that I don't have to change it just because he doesn't favor it. Just as I can make notes of parts that I think need work even if he loves them just as they are. He's not the sole person the story should satisfy, after all. His comments will weigh in with the other betas/editors, to whom I will give the story to AFTER I've completed the first pass with the Decadent Husband and implemented the most necessary of changes we discovered.
3) See above, but with focus on those parts to which I became significantly attached as opposed to those that caused me worry.

All in all... we are over half-way through the first pass. Our "day job" schedules have infringed much more than I had originally hoped, but we're making good steady progress. This slower pace is also helping to keep me from rushing this part. It will hopefully help keep me from putting "B" out for public, profitable consumption before it is actually ready.

In the meantime, I work on the "B" related short stories that will be released before "B." More so, I'm working on the covers for "B" and its related short stories. I'm leary about getting too into the short stories until after the first pass of "B" is completed. What if the short story plot ends up being moot or otherwise negated due to the novel? What if some discovery in the editing process inspires an even better or simply richer aspect for one of the short stories?

So... the entire release plan is slowed down. It's still in motion, isn't it?

That's more than I could honestly say a year ago.
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First Draft of "B" is complete and I've soft-launched into edits. Won't get real hard into them until next week. Need to give myself distance from the project so I can come at it with fresh eyes. In the meantime, I'll get to work on fleshing out the 2-3 short stories to precede "B" (both in release and timeline), which I've already started notes on and graphics for. Also, don't forget to check out "Pink Snowbunnies In Hell: A Flash-Fiction Anthology." It contains my short, short story "The Recession is Hell," which is completely unrelated to "B," but hopefully more lite and amusing.
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