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Douglas Karr
Someone left these glasses in my office. The double chin is all me, though.
Someone left these glasses in my office. The double chin is all me, though.

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Hey... +Google+, I think you're doing something wrong.

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Please take a moment and vote for us to expand our publication and business through Chase Main Street Grants!

A synopsis of my conversation with +Google for Work by email ticket opened.

Me: I was locked out of my account due to some kind of activity even though I use mobile authentication and have a very difficult, unique password. Can you tell me why?
Google App Support: I don’t have a way of checking what the activity was, you can try it again soon.
Me: I need my email NOW and pay Google for it to be available. Please let me know what to do to re-enable the account.
Google App Support: I understand your frustration, clear your cache and try it again.
Me: I did that, it’s still locked out. How long will it be locked out for.
Google App Support: We don’t have a means of knowing that. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Yes, you can tell me WHY I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY EMAIL.
[ Email starts working again ]
Google App Support: Since we haven’t received a response, we will be marking this ticket closed.


+Pam Moore totally agreed with your Facebook update. I DM'd you on Twitter and wrote you, just following up here. LOL

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I wonder if unemployment benefits in Seattle pay a living wage. #livingwage  

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We've been using Atomic Reach for quite a few months and seeing great results with the recommendations it's providing. They're launching a Chrome App that you can sign up on the waiting list here for:

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We're huge fans of +FreshBooks  and they just partnered with about the most amazing solution. If any of you bill quite a bit, you know how frustrating cashflow and collections can be. It's been the headache of our business for 5 years - clients just can't seem to pay on time. Now with one click, we can get a bridge loan on outstanding invoices with Fundbox. I tested it out recently and it worked as promised. The money is deposited in 2-3 days and a micro-loan is setup with a quick set of repayments. Absolutely brilliant.

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As I drove up to the Verizon Wireless store in Bradenton, Fl... my iPhone popped this up before I even got out of the car. Very cool use of #beacon technology. 

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+Bill Bean +Chris Bross +Erin Sparks  Something you may have realized (but I didn't) if you decide to get your clients converted over to sites with an SSL certificate installed.
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