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From Lockscreen, i'm not able to answer calls. Ready is not reacting to any input. I have to callback all of the incomming calls

Galaxy S4 Stock 4.4.3

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As you see i have some problems with items not shown in the history list (red borders). 
Also, when receiving a call, the slider usually has shown a contact image. this has gone with the last update!
After a call, there is only the blurred full screen Background image displayed, the circle is empty.

Already tried to clear app cache, reset app-data and reinstall Ready.

Galaxy S4 Stock Android

hmmm, found some funny issues, missing things

* after a call on the end call screen, if you press back, you would start calling again (happend 3 times)
* there is no possibilty to edit a contact from the startscreen. only calls are available.
* also there is no way to send a sms, whatsapp, skype or email to a contact from startscreen

Hi there!

first of all, congrats for this nice app! i'm very surprised how simple an good looking a phone interface could be!

but i've some questions:

* is it possible to change the sort order in the contact list to the surename of a contact? 
* how can i search with more than one letter
* pictures are very blurred in the contactlist
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