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I miss the landers area, the people and karen the most. I am devastated that she is gone and I will never be the same., Landers will not be the same without her. I have an idea that we will do something in the scope of what karen wanted to see us do a grant and do it right and big and so tonight I am re-opening the files from last year and now I can do them because of the CDBG and others 1400 private 26 other grants a super market full of grants and better they operate under NOFA. Now is the time.  JOBs and more jobs Transp  and green is enroute.

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VERIZON SUCKS ---As i knew this would occur Verizon Ripped off my money again from my prepaid account so I will leave the damn thing off... I am perfectly happy being phone less. There need for my .37 cents is stronger than my desire to go find it because i am very sick and cannot walk up and down the hill five miles to panhandle for .37 cents and they just lost a customer. FUC* VERIZON. THEY ARE CROOKS! they stole money out of my prepaid they do this every weekend and no way to call them to tell this to them, so here is my warning to you folks - Corporate Verizon is the Anti-Christ! Steer clear of their grimy and dishonest grab for pennies from a dying young man with cancer Fuc* them they are the devil. I turned my phone off on Saturday to save money for Tuesday usage and they charged me for Sunday and Monday despite the phone off Fuc* Verizon They are the Anti-Christ! I hope they burn in hell all of them! Fuc* Verizon! Every weekend I shut my phone off to keep it for the weekday when I need it. they charge me for that even though it was off this is a violation of Prepaid the $2.00 a day plan that I have considered much like a Parking meter in new york. It is because they know I do not have the money to keep racing ten miles to the store-- health reasons. That they still charge me for my phone being off and to kill what I have been trying to do. Put people back into jobs including myself. They get the stupid money from me no more I hope that their reps experience the grouchiest Customers because for several days I watched in horror as they invented and told customers non factual information. -- They are stupid Reps who have no agenda but to flip off their customers after they have patiently waited for hours in there run down office that has not enough chairs and not enough workers because they are profit grabbers not following their own contracts. -- I cant call them and tell them about the three weekend mistakes because they blocked me from calling and I have no phone.

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I have Program that I have created that repairs all the things that need our attention here in the Great State of California and I am hoping that since the WH is also seeking the same solutions we can create Jobs with it and make it extremely profitable year and better for each and every person both here in California and also Across the entire Nation. You will really like this bit first it goes to Our Great Governor for his Approval. 
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Steven Moore

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Better data, higher capability, I have the ability. T.B. Development has spent four years getting ready for this and now we are committed to serve Coachella Valley Residents. 
I accidentally somehow clicked on something I thought was a team site for the Chicago Bears.... I appologize and wish not to affend anyone but I was looking for the Chicago Bears and not the bears party.

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My first blog about Mortgage and Banking and the Rights of Homeowners here in California.
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