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Muslim convert, 35, ‘jumped out of his car to knock out a schoolboy for hugging his girlfriend in the street’

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Spotted a gap in the market.  He'll hate leaving there - and loosing his thriving business.   The kid too way to bright for that particular school in any case.

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It's not the fault of MT if parents don't have a clue, or don't care to feed their children correctly.   Most poor parents still rely on takeaways, McDonalds, chips, crisps, soda pop and all that garbage.   It doesn't cost much to eat correctly, and it costs a lot more to eat badly.   Despite all government efforts to educate the lumpen (as well as Jamie Oliver) they still feed their children processed, non nutritive "foods."   When I was at school, most of the milk was left untouched.  We complained that it tasted of sick.  There was so much waste with that program.   Poor kids still get free lunches.  Of course, it's all processed junk these days too, but a lot of the junk has vitamins added.
Kids today wont touch anything green, and just want chips, chips, chips.  I don't think they drink school milk either to be honest.
Margaret Thatcher got rid of the school lunch program in Britain. It used to be that British children got a carton of milk everyday at  school. This extra bit of vitamin D boosted the learning power of the kids. It was particularly helpful for the children of the poor and the working classes. I read the other day that rickets is making a comeback in Britain. Poor kids are getting rickets, like they did in the 19th century, a disease specifically linked to malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. May Margaret Thatcher rot in hell.
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