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My main new years resolution is to stop treating these social websites like News feeds and more like the social sites they are. In other words lurk less.

Pi has an infinite number of digits in its entirety. If you choose any method of converting numbers into letters, numbers into sounds, and numbers into colors, Pi contains everything that ever was or will be written , seen, painted, played, and felt. 

Maybe Pi is the backup file for the universe. 

Invalid Universe Directory, Please enter your value of pi.

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How bout we play Exalted? No it's too complicated, Lets play shadowrun instead. *facepalm* 

I just realized that this Heat Wave/Drought, is going to be a terrific starting point for people who write memoirs in the future. 

"It was the summer of '12, and it was the hottest summer I can remember when It started..." 

Using Google Play as Primary Media Player on my computer is working out pretty great. 

I think we could fund a Manned NASA space mission, if we made NASA as popular as Social Networking. Mark Zuckerberg is worth 17.5 billion, NASA 2012 Budget 18 billion.

Putting what I got on paper into editable documents makes it seem less real somehow. Ah well maybe it will look better once I put work to making it presentable, and not just functional.

After all the nice weather has gone, I get the jones to go back outside and longboard more....

At least my mustache is now twirlable.

I know I am getting a new longboard for spring. I know its going to be an Earthwing. Now I just have to decide if its a Hightailer or a Supermodel...
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