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A mashup of live video and pre-recorded soundtrack.
dig it...

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The proverbial, "the old band os getting back together" in ways we never thought possible 20 years ago...
A kickstarter campaign makes it so much more than it ever was and still could be. Please check out our campaign!
Five days remain in the #CatsLaughin  kickstarter.  We're doing a final push to bring in indie filmmaker +Ben Dobyns, an opening act, free upgrades to Blu-ray and a T-Shirt cannon.  

Can't attend?  We're doing a livestream! 
Can't afford?  Enter to win free stuff by promoting us; publicly share a link or write a blog post (and make sure I can find it) and win free a autographed cats goodie!

Thank you -- running this campaign has been a most excellent endeavour.   Dee and I have been most gratified to bring to the attention of +Steven Brust, +Emma Bull, +Lojo Russo and +Adam Stemple that we are far from the only ones clamoring for their reunion!

PS. First rehearsal tonight! <squee />

Whoops - forgot the KS link --
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