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Laurent Eschenauer
Software Engineer - I love building highly scalable Distributed Systems
Software Engineer - I love building highly scalable Distributed Systems


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Awesome progress for the +Fleye team !
It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had a lot of fun flying outdoor. Finally took the time to assemble a short video to share these good moments with you.

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The future of flying robots is here... 
The lucky attendance at Liège Futur yesterday evening had the nice surprise of a live demo from +Fleye on stage after our pitch :-)

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A smartphone controlled flying camera ball... the future is here ! Now... where is my lightsaber ? #drones   #innovation  
Really proud of what the team as accomplished over the last months, this idea of a flying camera ball is getting pretty real !

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I can soon start training at the light saber with a remote :-) #starwars  is becoming real :-)
Drone boxing ? Seems like we can soon start playing dronepong ! Do not attempt this with a  quadcopter :-) +Fleye is the world's safest drone !

Signup up at for early bird access and discount !
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Insane :-)
A breadboarded 68000 (more precise: 68008) computer running Linux. #geekporn

"Schematics? Forget it. Everything was built incrementally, one wire at a time, while staring at chip datasheets. It’s an organic creation."

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The safest drone ever built ! No need to take-off or land, just throw and catch ! Follow +Fleye for more !
Fleye is the first consumer friendly "flying camera"

Its unique shape and design makes it safe, robut and fun to use. Pull it out of your backpack, choose one of its predefined missions and simply throw it in the air. Fleye will follow you, capturing your life from a whole different angle.

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Hehe, good times with +Dimitri Arendt, building +Fleye in my garden :)
A year ago, two foolish engineers trying to fly a ball shaped device in their garden. This was version 0.3 of our +Fleye nicknamed 'Curious Cormoran'.

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Science-fiction ? Not much longer...
We are building the ultimate consumer flying camera and we'll tell you more over the coming weeks. Here are some early design sketches :-)

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I invite you to follow +Fleye - my new startup adventure. Building a flying camera that is safe, robust and easy to use ! More news soon !
We are building a flying camera that is safe for humans. It is the size & weight of a soccer ball, and moving parts are fully shielded. Here is another early 3D concept. What do you think ?

Good bye friend, I'm outta here.

As you may have read in a recent blog post [1], I'm signing out (and probably soon deleting) my cloud accounts and in particular my Google one.

I don't want to sit on the sideline while our democracies slowly drift to totalitarianism. Freedom of expression and Privacy are essential values that needs to be defended. By continuing to use these US-based cloud services, we act like sheep. We deserve what is happening, we made it happen, it is all our fault and now is time to change that.

You can keep following my adventures by RSS on, and comment using #indieweb pingbacks.

Update: Thanks for the interesting discussion. But I'm really out and will refrain to re-login to check your comments. We can continue this conversation here:

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