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Good bye friend, I'm outta here.

As you may have read in a recent blog post [1], I'm signing out (and probably soon deleting) my cloud accounts and in particular my Google one.

I don't want to sit on the sideline while our democracies slowly drift to totalitarianism. Freedom of expression and Privacy are essential values that needs to be defended. By continuing to use these US-based cloud services, we act like sheep. We deserve what is happening, we made it happen, it is all our fault and now is time to change that.

You can keep following my adventures by RSS on, and comment using #indieweb pingbacks.

Update: Thanks for the interesting discussion. But I'm really out and will refrain to re-login to check your comments. We can continue this conversation here:

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Thanks for the interesting discussion. But I'm really out and will refrain to re-login to check your comments. We can continue this conversation here, on my own site:
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What the hell happened to Federated Social Networks?

Today marks the third anniversary of this epic interview I did with +Robert Scoble. I took the time to reflect on what happened since then, why these initiatives failed, and where to go from here.

So, what do you think... Are federated social communications doomed? What do we need to make it happen? What do YOU need to join the movement?
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Laurent Eschenauer

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While you are all busy waiting for the Google I/O stream to start, have a look at this awesome new feature we are introducing today :-)
Solving The Challenge Of Discovery And Deployment Of Enterprise Applications

ComodIT launches today the Direct Install button, enabling application providers to deliver a seamless discovery and deployment experience to their users, increasing conversion rates and associated revenues.
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Laurent Eschenauer

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At +ComodIT, we are using +ComodIT to build +ComodIT; test and deploy +ComodIT. It is a bit like #inception  or GCC compiling itself, or...

you know...

.. a boat carrying other boats :-)

MV Blue Marlin. The giant ship that ships other ships. This is the biggest ship on the planet that can carry anything from a complete oil refinery to military warships and submarines! Photograph by Robert Smith.
15 largest cruise ships in the world ➜
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what is it?
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Laurent Eschenauer

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Have a look at this video, and think about a future where you look #throughglass  intead of your tablet and the control becomes gesture based.

Everyday objects overlayed by virtual interfaces visible through the digital lense. Now we just need brain implents to make this even smoother and then we can drop the real world altogether :-)

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Stunning tablet interface for smart objects by MIT Medialab
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+Lionel Dricot This is why we have the 'own your comments' #indieweb  extension :-) [1]. But I still need to integrate it in my flow as well. It would be great if you could start making your own site more #indieweb  friendly. Step by step, does not require too much efforts.

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Great to see other developers building plugins for WebFlight[1], this one[2] shows live air traffic as an augmented reality overlay in the drone cockpit.Woaw :-)

Update: Video was removed by the user, a new one is availabe here:
AR.Drone with air traffic (ADS-B) overlaid on camera feed


#drone   #nodecopter   #ardrone  
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I've shared a new little project on Github, this is my latest past-time: hacking with flying robots in nodejs :-) If you are into #ardrone  or #nodecopter  please try and send feedback!
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Laurent Eschenauer

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What's next Google ? Dropping SMTP support ?

A company that was the cheerleader of the open web is rapidly turning its back on every single open standard they once championned. Their latest move, announced yesterday at Google I/O, appears to be closing XMPP server-to-server federation. 

Read more and comment the original post... on the open web.
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It's clearly time that we think about an "after-google": they cannot be trusted to provide service anymore.
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Laurent Eschenauer

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Fascinating piece by the giving a much needed context and perspective to the ongoing Syrian conflict.
"The origins of Syria's 'war by proxy' are therefore unmistakeable - the result of converging climate, oil and debt crises within a politically repressive state, the conflict's future continues to be at the mercy of rival foreign geopolitical interests in dominating the energy corridors of the Middle East and North Africa."

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This section says it all, this has been planned for years...

Israel also has a direct interest in countering the Iran-brokered pipeline. In 2003, just a month after the commencement of the Iraq War, US and Israeli government sources told The Guardian of plans to "build a pipeline to siphon oil from newly conquered Iraq to Israel" bypassing Syria.

The basis for the plan, known as the Haifa project, goes back to a 1975 MoU signed by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, "whereby the US would guarantee Israel's oil reserves and energy supply in times of crisis." As late as 2007, US and Israeli government officials were in discussion on costs and contingencies for the Iraq-Israel pipeline project.
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Laurent Eschenauer

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Having my hometown of Liège featured on CNN for something positive is definitively worth a share. And they even got the most important stuff right :-)

"delicious sweet-and-sour meatballs known as Boulet a la liègeoise"
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  • Entrepreneur. Software hacker. Building the future of cloud with ComodIT.
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Entrepreneur. Software hacker. Building the future of cloud at Federated Social Web hacktivist.
Founder @comodit. Architect of open source projects @storytlr, @onesocialweb. Worked at Boston Consulting Group, Vodafone R&D. MSc ENEE University of Maryland.

Born behind a computer screen, I'm the kind of guy that writes software on Sunday afternoon because it is fun. Got my MSc in Comp. Engineering in 2002 from the University of Maryland and since then worked both as a software engineer and as a management consultant, giving me a good balance between technology and business insight.

I have a passion for technology, the web is my playground. Today I'm enjoying myself with mobile platforms, cloud computing, and the exciting topic of federated social networks.

My new entrepreneurial adventure is called ComodIT, started fall 2010 with two friends.

I'm always happy to meet new faces and have great discussions, so feel free to ping me an email if you want to chat.
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