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Tara Hornor
Part time school program coordinator but writer at heart
Part time school program coordinator but writer at heart


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Retail Web Design and the Human Experience
"Websites have to provide the little extras that play a big role in taking a retail web design to that next level of user experience: all the pieces that put a user in control, provides an experience involving both “mind and body,” and connects them with real-world experiences. The following are some of the more important pieces for providing the human experience in retail web design..."
#humanconnection #webdesign #onlineshoppingexperience

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Here are a few of my favorite hand drawn fonts for creating realistic hand painted signs, both free and premium.

+Vandelay Design 

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I love highly interactive designs, but only when they are done right. Here are a few of my favorites and why they work. 

+Vandelay Design  #interactivedesign   #interactivewebsites  

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"It’s so reassuring to know that there is an app that looks out for real estate agents. It makes me that much more confident in the career that I chose!"

As a real estate agent, blogger, mom, recipe creator, and photographer, Kelley Grant of, writes about the confidence and reassurance that +Real Agent Guard, LLC  can give to any Real Estate agent in the field.

Read more about how you can stay safe and sell more:

‪#‎RealtorSafety‬ ‪#‎AgentSafety‬

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Here's my suggestions for daily practices to overcome a block in your creative flow via +Vandelay Design.

#dailypractices   #creativity  

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Best Design Blogs to Follow To Keep Your Skills Sharp via +Vandelay Design 
#designblogs #webdesign #graphicdesign

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The +Real Agent Guard, LLC app was built to keep real estate agents safe, but the use is easily transferred to anyone in need of safety. Here, +Crystal Green shares how to use the app to keep teenagers safe.
+Crystal Green gives her thoughts on how the Real Agent Guard app can be used for both real estate agents and family members.
  #agentsafety   #agentsecurity

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So stunning!
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