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Mohit Maheshwari
Entrepreneur | Internet Marketeer |
Entrepreneur | Internet Marketeer |

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Attend our FREE WEBINAR  on "Digital Marketing for SMBs and Startups" presented by Mohit Maheshwari on 9th October , 2013 - 3:00 pm ( India time - GMT+ 5.30 hours) You can register for the webinar at   . #digitalmarketing    #freewebinar   #startups   #SMB    #socialmediamarketing   #seo  

The new Google+ design is so awesome ...i cannot wait to share it with my friends on Facebook ! #complexsocialworld  

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Now is the time to take full advantage of Google+
Especially since your parents aren't on here yet.

read somewhere..human eye looks left to right...its funny when your are on google+ somehow you want to keep your facebook tab open on the left of your browser..!!!

Delhi Belly - awesome movie..

Google + is cool...just too much white....need some color in +
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